Sunday, July 24, 2011


Certain things in life happen, with and without our consent. Our mind and heart indulge is a competition to defeat and hurt each other. Doing and not doing things, cause pain equally intense. What do we do then?
At times we don’t want to fight or talk but the urge to indulge in the conversation, that would surely end in a fight, is very hard to resist and restraining ourselves is even more maddening. ‘No chat’ tends to restlessness and the end of the conversation, leaves you with regret and a feeling to undo everything.

 The person we trust the most, ends up shattering it to a million fragments that slowly dissolve in tears. A person who acts protective for you always ends up insulting you is a way that leaves you broken beyond repair. A person who once cried because you were in pain inflicts an unbearable agony to you and turns out to be the reason for your hidden tears. The friends you consider light of your life, with time, dim out and abandon you in dark. You often find yourself alienated in a place you always belonged to.

Looking at old pictures, which had made you laugh infinite times, offer you pain and nothing more. Moisten eyes constantly pray for the past to change and present to reframe. But at the same time, they thank God for teaching a required lesson in time even if it was in the harshest way.

“Sorrows are only eclipses of life. They teach us how to value happiness.”

But at the same time grief acts like the moon as it increases and fades at definite spans of time. Good times too do not last long. They are like dawn and twilight of this complicated life.

Strange!  We know people change, things change, situation change still want everything to suit us. Loomed, we always surrender to the strange tricks life plays on us. Disorientation of thoughts and actions is inevitable because life itself is so confused and disoriented. Couldn’t life be simpler and less complicated? Huh….


Friday, July 15, 2011


Sands of time etched by Thy feet,
Trace a path, visible in dark.
Shiny, shimmery grains of faith;
Visions of truth guide me, off late.
Shadowed by enormous falcons of lies,
Blown by winds of gloomy times,
Washed by waves of sorrow and despair,
The path of hope is lost again.

I pray to Thee to come to my rescue;
Bless the sands one more time,
Show me light and art of life,
Fill my chalice with belief in Thy.

-Vaisakhi Mishra

ps-was a bit upset past couple of days due to unfortunate events in penned this down... .

Thursday, July 7, 2011


‘My Love, here I am’-I hear her say;
Resuscitating from my bed of pain.
In the realm of stars, she dazzles like the moon,
Singing, for me to come to her rescue.
Here in the darkness, I follow her light,
She plays and taunts me in the mid of the night.
Washed by the winds and passionate flare,
She stops in a dome to meet my stare.
She calls me along, like the goddess of love.
Hypnotized I follow; together now, like two doves.
Her skin is soft, caution in my touch;
I burn like fire; she smiles like a murmuring rose.
‘Close your eyes My Love’-I do as she says,
‘My love is for you, forever, from this day.’
I tighten my embrace, she shivers with life.
I wish for a kiss, she invites without strife.
I feel the darkness scurrying away.
Golden beams dancing: inviting the day.
Eyes shut; I go on for my wish.
Gone; all I hear is an airy hiss.