Monday, October 31, 2011


Finally I am back to torture my followers I guess, coz this might turn out to be my longest post till date. Before I start the 3rd degree session I would like to state the reason:

1st -My first blog-o-versary
2nd-Completion of a half century-50+ followers…thanx prakhyant rai…n I know I m late 4 this but still…

Ok I was planning what to write ever since my mid-terms got over. Like an ever oscillating idle pendulum my thoughts just resisted all my intensions to force them to a stagnant state. Well finally I thought of dedicating this post to my blog friends. This place is nothing less than Alice’s wonderland for me. I found so many new friends in one year to share my thoughts that try hard to emote 57 identified emotion in words and well the result is still a story 4 me….
To begin with I guess I should name the co-founder of this blog who I know would never sue me 4 not writing her name as a co-founder earlier FATIMA. She is the reason this blog started(she asked me to write on regular basis so if u hate me catch her 1st :P)…a friend who is a hyper active super temperamental human but simple and sweet at heart and power on words…well visit her blog to gauge the power…

Eon Heath-hmm I can’t say ‘uncle’ I can’t say “aap”…so simply beginning the story of the don…a person who has floored at least 5 girls of my class with his writin…:P...someone who actually “critically” analysed my work and helped me improve…and whose hindi write ups virtually dig and drop me 6 feet under the soil...:(…lovely human being…n hmm I guess he will certainly give me his hrdd after this…B)

Manshaa di-a die hard twilight fan…a complete believer of dreams whose works always have flashes of positivity in them….

BA-ok this is gonna be a confession time….truly I kept seeing this person since march but kept myself away from his blog….coz of his blog name….It gave me a feelin well he would be into long highly philosophical write ups wid no charm…n yes BA u can hit me 4 this….coz wen I 1st visited ur blog I wanted to do that to myself….if u don’t know wat descriptions are and how to juggle words u “should” go through his works…its like I 3 hours crash course wid promised perfection in the end…n yes BA please forgive me for my naïve thinkin…:)

Alcina-dark enticing and a push to wake the hibernating dictionary….well all in one package is her blog…beautiful write ups…

Poonam di-she is my music mate...:)…I just realized all we need is a song n we trigger a talk that can go on 4 god knowz how long…a complete music lover…fun to be wid girl…n yes she believes and follows laughter is the best medicine…(coz of this-change ur thought or ur occupation, di)…n wen she has a pen…well try and resist reading her works wen u ve started once n tell me…

Sarah- a bunch of thoughtoples hanging on her head is the idea she gives me with each and every write of hers…beautiful writer and if I write more I ll spoil her image…so just visit n read..

GVSPARKS- a devil with 4 horns…should be his name…god he is a magician wid words…he is cunning smart and a great writer its been only 6 days I guess since I ve known him…n I know these things 4 certain…check out 4 urslf…

Aakash-I had said this earlier and I say it again…this blog forces my face muscles to form a huge smile always….u wanna laugh take a look…

Simran-a girl who knowz to make instant frnds….and a beautiful poetess….her works say it all…so simply…simi..”u r amazin”…

Hope-like her name her works too are garnished wid hope….but its her imagination and game of words that fascinates me more….

Abhishek-a complete movie buff and a dedicated blogger….n he gave me a chance to be a part of the we have a story gang….thanx abhi…

Rachit-his blog weakest link is the strongest link between real life and blogs…politics enginnering life and wat not…browse and u find it all…hmm inactive since some days but well will be back I know…Rachit best of luck 4 CAT…

Saru-beautiful writer…havnt takld to her ever…but well wen u read her work its like conversing wid her thoughts….i simply love her work…n this line is my usual commnt on her blog coz she renders me speechless….

Valli-a poet a painter an amazin human she is one of the allrounders in my blogosphere….short sweet apt and touchin is how her work is defined…

Sheril-u planning a trip…need a travel log well here is ur best frnd then…

Jim-photography at its best….n truly I envy him for this talent….his pics actually speak to u n most of the time they sweep u away and pull u into themselves…ask him wat is beauty to get the actual definition…

Jidhu-n yet another photographer to add to my misery….his clicks make me wish I was zapped inside his cam to learn his tricks…hell…

Ok…so I guess this is it…all my bloggerfrnds I ve known so far…n 4 the rest….i ll surely know u wid time I promise….coz homo sapiens of my catagories just cant stay without makin frnds…believe me…B)

A year of lovely ideas rule my mind wen I go into a flash back this day…(imagine an emotional tear eyed me plz). And yes I look 4ward to many more…a world openin to a new world letting me believe wat I ve always believed-“life is short do all u wanna do 2day n in this life…who knows wats the future”…n yes before I start babbling like a greek….thanku so much 4 being a part of my life…:) 

Monday, October 10, 2011

a ROSE......

Born with thorns,
Crimsoned for love;
Taken ages ago,
To witness the fresh innocence
Of two passion filled souls.

I bloomed and sustained
Under a table lamp,
Listening to words and sighs,
Bringing sparkling smiles
To a girl lost in wonderland.

My red now fades,
But I still live and breathe-
Concealed in a book,
Listening to tears and tales
Of a painfully dying love.

I’m held dear now,
With memories and a broken heart.
Not all love is true
Like we are told always,
Hence, roses have thorns.

-Vaisakhi Mishra