Thursday, June 23, 2011


The game kept going,

Lucifer made a bid-
‘Fatigue will chain your bones forever,
If the rolling dice gives a one.’

The rolling dice rolled over and over,
Miraculously stopping at one.
Stealing my maiden chance for bid,
Creating an all new slothful me.

A sly smile dancing on Lucifer’s face;
He went on ahead to the second bid.
‘Illegitimate want will reign your mind,
If the crystal dice shows a two.’

Obliging like a cur to master,
The rolling dice ceased at two.
Wanting all that I could see,
My eyes were glistened with greed.

Excited he went on for his third bid.
‘Let’s make you envious on three.’
Merciless dice, showed the number at once,
Forcibly, throwing me into the dungeons of Jealousy.

Confident of win, he called for a four
To make me Pride’s wonder ball.
The playful dice displayed the misery four.
Proud and haughty, I acted bold.

Hungry he grew; he remembered something,
Invited Gluttony to join me for five.
The dice wriggled to showcase a five;
Gulping all the food, I sat with my insatiable desire.

Ready for surrender, I waited for his call.
“A six”, he called, to fill me with wrath.
The crystal slave rolled over to a six;
I stared with anger, he laughed like a chimp.

Bored, the sloven Devil stood, ending the game.
‘My lucky loser, I present you my departing gift,
You will be loved forever by Lust.’; He vanished.
Defeated, I sat, sloshed with the deadly sins.


Saturday, June 18, 2011


Pighal te badal,
Raaton ke andheron mein baras gaye.

Mohabat ke raste,
Bebasi ke dhund mein gum ho gaye.

Tarashe yaadon ke guldaste,
Sehmi sarnate mein murjha gaye.

Sapno ke diye,
Anchahi tufaan mein bujh gaye.

Khwahishon ke naav,
Jeevan ke bhavandar mein tut gaye.

Bas tukdon mein bati jindagi,
Reh gayi hai virane registaan mein…


Tuesday, June 7, 2011


                                                               (picture credit google)
Hazy mantel of inky clouds,
Prance on the afternoon sky.
Meandering winds leisurely collide,
To show mercy to Earth - so dry.
       Dusty leaves expectantly wait,
       To breathe fresh green and drink deep sea.
       And azure heavens burdened at once
       Smile, oblige, and set all free.
Crippling the pond-waiting to be filled;
Kissing the old palm tree leaves;
Lashing, windy droplets of bliss,
Cast a spell of playful glee.
       Children splash virgin puddles in fun;
       Roaming and drenching in alienated lanes,
       Rejoicing, as waters calmly embellish the day,
       I kiss the canvas of this first rain.

                                                                  (picture credit myself..:))

Friday, June 3, 2011


My bag is heavy,
       Yet feels like luck.
My food is cold,
       Yet tastes of love.

I see a board
       Spreading knowledge around.
I touch my pocket,
Hear money’s ruffling sound.

Here is my sister,
       We enjoy royal delights.
Here are my friends,
       We talk of fortune’s lights.

My mother is calling-
       Filling my room with toys
It’s Diwali again,
       Bursting crackers, I enjoy.

I hear the ‘Bell Ring’;
       “Get back to work, you jerk!”
I reach for my crackers-
       Not for fun but Work.

P.S.-written from the point of view of an eight year old forced to work in cracker factory.
I wrote this thinking about child labour. While my exams were on there was a news about saving 4 kids of 12 years from a detergent factory in Mumbai. Every day while travelling in local train, at traffic signals I see small children selling books or accessories when they should be in schools learning and shaping their future. News about children working in firecracker factory, detergent factory, weaving centres and similar places is so common. It is a painful situation for the entire nation because it’s our country’s future which is at stake. Child labour has to be stopped. True saying and writing all this is simple but executing an effective plan to stop it is difficult. But I believe if we start thinking today and do whatever is in our hands things will change one day.
Also 12th JUNE is celebrated as world day against child labour...