Saturday, December 17, 2011


A blooming flower amidst,
A raging storm of thoughts.

A light in the darkest room,
We are later bound to pay for.

A hope amongst all falls,
Still opening a forbidden door.

Testing our limits,
Shining with a wicked glow.

Blinding our faith,
Sedating us with ambition's roar.

Nudging us to push forward,
And test ourselves in an unknown land.

Gives a height to our thoughts,
But doesn’t have a roof.

An ambience to nurture a real us,
Real or surreal is yet to be decided.

A dramatic play with inquisitiveness,
A toy to note our perseverance.

A robbery which is never optimum,
A knowledge which never is complete.

A dream totally non scalable,
A mission defending a mission.

An idea pulling us out of a doomed sepulchre,
Just to put in another one.

Agony to know more,
Deceptive yet inevitable,
And it starts with a mere QUESTION
And all of it just follows.

-Abhijit Panda and Vaisakhi Mishra

p.s.- this was written over a chat i had wid my cousin....we just kept writing random ideas about curiosity n this is wat we had in the end of less than 5 mins.....and the idea credits totally go to him...:)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Random 2

Jazbaaton ke panno mein
Aawaz kahin guum si ho gayi hain
In hawaaon mein behkar
Baatein kahin guum si ho gayi hain

Roya hai yeh dil phirse
Jane kis baat se machal utha hai yeh kambakt phirse
Hanste, muskurate, aasuon ki barish mein,
Bheeg sa gaya hai yeh phirse

Kehte hum thakte nahi
Waqt ne hai sabko bante gum aur khushi
Phir jaane kyon ladhte hain hum kismat se
Jab sikhae woh hume jina zindagi

Ugte suraj ko dekh ke jana
Naya savera aaega
Chattano pe tut te lehron se jana
Har pal yunhi kho jaega
Thame pal, theherenge nahi
Jana in me hi hai jeena kahin…

Aazad kiye dar ke parinde
Thame nayi dor phir chal diye
Bas, khud ko khud se milane.

-Vaisakhi Mishra

p.s.-originally written on 15.10.11.....

Monday, November 7, 2011

Song of Melancholy...

Pale fingers playing on the strings
Of a cold and timeworn violin.
Misty night and dead old trees,
Sway to her song of melancholy.

Screaming and wailing her silent thoughts,
Frozen tears on the violin chords-
Emote-soulful music she plays,
All night long, till the silver fades.

Rendition of notes builds a beautiful delusion,
Only to shatter on her lover’s tomb.
Beneath the moonlight, in Mystic Falls,
Her stoic self wraps a heart with tears.

To calm her fears
To find way back home
She returns with music, every night,
To her lover’s age old tomb.


ps-picture prompt,
     Mystic Falls- an imaginary place close to all VD lovers...:)...

Monday, October 31, 2011


Finally I am back to torture my followers I guess, coz this might turn out to be my longest post till date. Before I start the 3rd degree session I would like to state the reason:

1st -My first blog-o-versary
2nd-Completion of a half century-50+ followers…thanx prakhyant rai…n I know I m late 4 this but still…

Ok I was planning what to write ever since my mid-terms got over. Like an ever oscillating idle pendulum my thoughts just resisted all my intensions to force them to a stagnant state. Well finally I thought of dedicating this post to my blog friends. This place is nothing less than Alice’s wonderland for me. I found so many new friends in one year to share my thoughts that try hard to emote 57 identified emotion in words and well the result is still a story 4 me….
To begin with I guess I should name the co-founder of this blog who I know would never sue me 4 not writing her name as a co-founder earlier FATIMA. She is the reason this blog started(she asked me to write on regular basis so if u hate me catch her 1st :P)…a friend who is a hyper active super temperamental human but simple and sweet at heart and power on words…well visit her blog to gauge the power…

Eon Heath-hmm I can’t say ‘uncle’ I can’t say “aap”…so simply beginning the story of the don…a person who has floored at least 5 girls of my class with his writin…:P...someone who actually “critically” analysed my work and helped me improve…and whose hindi write ups virtually dig and drop me 6 feet under the soil...:(…lovely human being…n hmm I guess he will certainly give me his hrdd after this…B)

Manshaa di-a die hard twilight fan…a complete believer of dreams whose works always have flashes of positivity in them….

BA-ok this is gonna be a confession time….truly I kept seeing this person since march but kept myself away from his blog….coz of his blog name….It gave me a feelin well he would be into long highly philosophical write ups wid no charm…n yes BA u can hit me 4 this….coz wen I 1st visited ur blog I wanted to do that to myself….if u don’t know wat descriptions are and how to juggle words u “should” go through his works…its like I 3 hours crash course wid promised perfection in the end…n yes BA please forgive me for my naïve thinkin…:)

Alcina-dark enticing and a push to wake the hibernating dictionary….well all in one package is her blog…beautiful write ups…

Poonam di-she is my music mate...:)…I just realized all we need is a song n we trigger a talk that can go on 4 god knowz how long…a complete music lover…fun to be wid girl…n yes she believes and follows laughter is the best medicine…(coz of this-change ur thought or ur occupation, di)…n wen she has a pen…well try and resist reading her works wen u ve started once n tell me…

Sarah- a bunch of thoughtoples hanging on her head is the idea she gives me with each and every write of hers…beautiful writer and if I write more I ll spoil her image…so just visit n read..

GVSPARKS- a devil with 4 horns…should be his name…god he is a magician wid words…he is cunning smart and a great writer its been only 6 days I guess since I ve known him…n I know these things 4 certain…check out 4 urslf…

Aakash-I had said this earlier and I say it again…this blog forces my face muscles to form a huge smile always….u wanna laugh take a look…

Simran-a girl who knowz to make instant frnds….and a beautiful poetess….her works say it all…so simply…simi..”u r amazin”…

Hope-like her name her works too are garnished wid hope….but its her imagination and game of words that fascinates me more….

Abhishek-a complete movie buff and a dedicated blogger….n he gave me a chance to be a part of the we have a story gang….thanx abhi…

Rachit-his blog weakest link is the strongest link between real life and blogs…politics enginnering life and wat not…browse and u find it all…hmm inactive since some days but well will be back I know…Rachit best of luck 4 CAT…

Saru-beautiful writer…havnt takld to her ever…but well wen u read her work its like conversing wid her thoughts….i simply love her work…n this line is my usual commnt on her blog coz she renders me speechless….

Valli-a poet a painter an amazin human she is one of the allrounders in my blogosphere….short sweet apt and touchin is how her work is defined…

Sheril-u planning a trip…need a travel log well here is ur best frnd then…

Jim-photography at its best….n truly I envy him for this talent….his pics actually speak to u n most of the time they sweep u away and pull u into themselves…ask him wat is beauty to get the actual definition…

Jidhu-n yet another photographer to add to my misery….his clicks make me wish I was zapped inside his cam to learn his tricks…hell…

Ok…so I guess this is it…all my bloggerfrnds I ve known so far…n 4 the rest….i ll surely know u wid time I promise….coz homo sapiens of my catagories just cant stay without makin frnds…believe me…B)

A year of lovely ideas rule my mind wen I go into a flash back this day…(imagine an emotional tear eyed me plz). And yes I look 4ward to many more…a world openin to a new world letting me believe wat I ve always believed-“life is short do all u wanna do 2day n in this life…who knows wats the future”…n yes before I start babbling like a greek….thanku so much 4 being a part of my life…:) 

Monday, October 10, 2011

a ROSE......

Born with thorns,
Crimsoned for love;
Taken ages ago,
To witness the fresh innocence
Of two passion filled souls.

I bloomed and sustained
Under a table lamp,
Listening to words and sighs,
Bringing sparkling smiles
To a girl lost in wonderland.

My red now fades,
But I still live and breathe-
Concealed in a book,
Listening to tears and tales
Of a painfully dying love.

I’m held dear now,
With memories and a broken heart.
Not all love is true
Like we are told always,
Hence, roses have thorns.

-Vaisakhi Mishra

Saturday, September 17, 2011


A trickster, a gambler, a thorough player and a vital whatsoever - MY HEART. I wish I could cut it out and put it in a chest far away like ‘The Pirates of the Caribbean.” And ‘MIND’ a 5 GHz trigger, amplifying everything the heart does. Ok but the point here is not that.
Since two days I was terribly upset about 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…….  I lost the count. God knows how many things. Everything I did, like Newton had said, seriously had an equal and opposite reaction. Almost every person I am close to gifted something that was forced into my sorrow vault. (Stupid me, being very close to people is so bad, I know…anyways) Everything I wanted to set right tumbled down and mocked at me for being a failure. There was only one thing I found solace in, in two days, and it had nothing to do with reality. It was imagination, rather an imaginative stuff.
Then I realized is it not always like that? Whenever things go wrong, or we are broken and upset, it’s not the real world that embraces us but something built by imagination that pacifies us, reminds us about our good things and creates a path through which we enter reality and normalcy, shedding the disturbed feelings on the way. It’s always imagination we run to for our rescue. But think it’s our heart that tricks us and makes us feel sad and at the same time it’s our heart that makes us imagine and be happy in the ‘wonderland’ (I don’t believe in ‘mind making us imagine’). Why is it that our heart defeats us in the game it plays but just before we surrender replenishes us to continue the game for long? And why is it that we always love imagination and fantasy compared to reality? Everything we need we want we are happy with has something to do with our imagination, why? Why can’t the real be as good as the reel?
I know these are stupid questions but well it just an attempt to build a bridge between the real world and wonder world. I have put one pillar but don’t know if the bridge will ever be built. Reality just never meets imagination!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Blemished Me...

Flickering hope,
Crippled faith,
Tarnished love
Washed in tides of tears.

Marred belief,
Cracked memories,
Fragmentized life,
Burning in flames of misery.

Tormenting past,
Crushed perseverance,
Engulfing darkness,
Succumbing to an anaesthetic reality.

Deeply cut,
Still strangely smiling.
Too much to bear-
It wears me no more.

Blindfolded, I walk,
Relieved, through the maze of pain;
‘Cause I am not afraid,
Not anymore.

-Vaisakhi Mishra

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wait and Belief...

Eloping from mist and cloud
Of a ruthless stony fort,
I fly back to that green glade,
Where time has frozen for me.                  

You gave your heart, for me to keep;
And took my soul away.
Aware of the fate, my warrior seeks,
My Elfish heart still beats for you.

Abandoned by tears, captivated by grief;
Hope dancing on my window sill.
I wait for you to return for me,
And relive that day for eternity.

Pity by sun and remorse by moon,
Winds blow with mocked sympathy.
I regret not my choice, knowing you’ll return,
For love is more powerful than anything.


prompt-the image, courtesy

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Silent orange spreading riotously in cloudless sky
Accompanied by mellifluous tweets of gleeful birds.
Sun beams dancing on my window sill,
Soul inhaling bright dry morning air;
Peace comes snapping, to greet the day.

Thunderous clouds and perennial rhythm of rain;
Tenderly kissing leaves; thirst of grass, all quenched.
Playful children splashing in puddles around,
Heart recording the sight of a blissful day;
Peace makes her presence felt yet again.

Sand, air and water, humming along the shoreline harmonize;
Swollen red glints bruising silver crested waves.
Grey gulls’ cacophony synchronizing in the dusky background;
Tired feet, bowing to the pristine sands, cunningly disturbing the sea;
Peace has a twinkling smile as the sun goes down.

Peace plays her chords in every part of the day,
Casting a familiar realization of her existence.
All we need is a little search for her,
And she embraces all, follows like our trusted shadow.


P.S.-wrote it for a competition in college, prompt was peace...

Thursday, August 18, 2011


A red aura and a glowing face;
Love silently chiming along the church bells;
Transfixed, yet blushing with a shining gaze,
Gracefully you pave the flower trail.

Smiling like a blooming morning glow,
Telling me of love that we redefined;
Staring with an emotion – I just don’t know;
I hear your heart pounding in rhythm with mine.

The crowded world fades into unwantedness,
All I see is you, my princess to be.
The serene white dimmed by your innocence,
I feel the silence simply conversing with me.

Nothing matters to me, nothing at all,
As I see you now, walking down the aisle.


P.S.- unwantedness is no actual word...i just used it to tell about the feeling strongly in a word...

Monday, August 1, 2011


Inhaling the thick hot vapours around,
Treading on the metal-my last touch on ground;
Ready to dive in a well of bitter coffee,
Satisfied with the thought-‘I’ll make someone happy.’

Wonder as I dissolve, if most humans could be such-
Defeating bitter harsh world with soft sugary touch;
Mixing, where needed, without any trace,
Icing happiness in their own unique ways.

I break and break, to sweeten things on the whole,
Without breaking cookies or brimming cups at all.
I bind and freeze, to keep things together;
Without me would Turkish delights be any better?

I am used in everything that’s called celebration.
Even cocoa is relished due to my intervention.


Sunday, July 24, 2011


Certain things in life happen, with and without our consent. Our mind and heart indulge is a competition to defeat and hurt each other. Doing and not doing things, cause pain equally intense. What do we do then?
At times we don’t want to fight or talk but the urge to indulge in the conversation, that would surely end in a fight, is very hard to resist and restraining ourselves is even more maddening. ‘No chat’ tends to restlessness and the end of the conversation, leaves you with regret and a feeling to undo everything.

 The person we trust the most, ends up shattering it to a million fragments that slowly dissolve in tears. A person who acts protective for you always ends up insulting you is a way that leaves you broken beyond repair. A person who once cried because you were in pain inflicts an unbearable agony to you and turns out to be the reason for your hidden tears. The friends you consider light of your life, with time, dim out and abandon you in dark. You often find yourself alienated in a place you always belonged to.

Looking at old pictures, which had made you laugh infinite times, offer you pain and nothing more. Moisten eyes constantly pray for the past to change and present to reframe. But at the same time, they thank God for teaching a required lesson in time even if it was in the harshest way.

“Sorrows are only eclipses of life. They teach us how to value happiness.”

But at the same time grief acts like the moon as it increases and fades at definite spans of time. Good times too do not last long. They are like dawn and twilight of this complicated life.

Strange!  We know people change, things change, situation change still want everything to suit us. Loomed, we always surrender to the strange tricks life plays on us. Disorientation of thoughts and actions is inevitable because life itself is so confused and disoriented. Couldn’t life be simpler and less complicated? Huh….


Friday, July 15, 2011


Sands of time etched by Thy feet,
Trace a path, visible in dark.
Shiny, shimmery grains of faith;
Visions of truth guide me, off late.
Shadowed by enormous falcons of lies,
Blown by winds of gloomy times,
Washed by waves of sorrow and despair,
The path of hope is lost again.

I pray to Thee to come to my rescue;
Bless the sands one more time,
Show me light and art of life,
Fill my chalice with belief in Thy.

-Vaisakhi Mishra

ps-was a bit upset past couple of days due to unfortunate events in penned this down... .

Thursday, July 7, 2011


‘My Love, here I am’-I hear her say;
Resuscitating from my bed of pain.
In the realm of stars, she dazzles like the moon,
Singing, for me to come to her rescue.
Here in the darkness, I follow her light,
She plays and taunts me in the mid of the night.
Washed by the winds and passionate flare,
She stops in a dome to meet my stare.
She calls me along, like the goddess of love.
Hypnotized I follow; together now, like two doves.
Her skin is soft, caution in my touch;
I burn like fire; she smiles like a murmuring rose.
‘Close your eyes My Love’-I do as she says,
‘My love is for you, forever, from this day.’
I tighten my embrace, she shivers with life.
I wish for a kiss, she invites without strife.
I feel the darkness scurrying away.
Golden beams dancing: inviting the day.
Eyes shut; I go on for my wish.
Gone; all I hear is an airy hiss.