Thursday, August 18, 2011


A red aura and a glowing face;
Love silently chiming along the church bells;
Transfixed, yet blushing with a shining gaze,
Gracefully you pave the flower trail.

Smiling like a blooming morning glow,
Telling me of love that we redefined;
Staring with an emotion – I just don’t know;
I hear your heart pounding in rhythm with mine.

The crowded world fades into unwantedness,
All I see is you, my princess to be.
The serene white dimmed by your innocence,
I feel the silence simply conversing with me.

Nothing matters to me, nothing at all,
As I see you now, walking down the aisle.


P.S.- unwantedness is no actual word...i just used it to tell about the feeling strongly in a word...

Monday, August 1, 2011


Inhaling the thick hot vapours around,
Treading on the metal-my last touch on ground;
Ready to dive in a well of bitter coffee,
Satisfied with the thought-‘I’ll make someone happy.’

Wonder as I dissolve, if most humans could be such-
Defeating bitter harsh world with soft sugary touch;
Mixing, where needed, without any trace,
Icing happiness in their own unique ways.

I break and break, to sweeten things on the whole,
Without breaking cookies or brimming cups at all.
I bind and freeze, to keep things together;
Without me would Turkish delights be any better?

I am used in everything that’s called celebration.
Even cocoa is relished due to my intervention.