Sunday, February 20, 2011


Stunned, she watches him leave.
Fire melts her down
As an airy knife
Cuts her heart into two
A half that loves
And a half that hates
She waits for revenge-

In the dark of night
In his fancy abode
She glides like light
With blood shot eyes
Holding her pernicious half-

Playing with the lights
Guiding the windy tides
In a playful star lite night
She plays with his trepidation
Riding, a chandelier-

At the strike of one
She lets out a scream
Collaging the moments
She had spent with him
She loosens the noose of the hang
And his heart is plunged!
She laughs like a vengeful rose.


P.S.-this is my 1st dark write ever....just wanted to give this genre a try...plz be frank n lemme know how it is...ur commnts will help me improve....:)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Delicate and tender, the love you hold
With smile en life wilted rose-
Charmer, you pluck all the cords
Of beauties all around.

Stuck with thoughts, of one naive girl,
Alas! You wilt yourself down.
Credulous you wait, two autumn fall
For acknowledgement of your love.

Confused still, her evasive self
Contrition-time and all.
Filled with guilt, the words she spills-
'O Charmer, move on for a better one.'

Drenched in remorse
Wanting him to discern
She gifts him-
A Better Future!


Sunday, February 13, 2011


thanx a ton to silhouette n fatima.....4 this award...i couldnt actually fathom me gettin this award....n come in terms wid the fact tat my work is admired.....i cant tell u how happy i m.....THANKU...
 hmm 7 things abt me...
1.unpredictable, extrovert and super frank...:)
2.MUSIC MANIAC......donno whether i sing well....but i love singin neways...
3.very very possessive n protective 4 ma frnds n family.....n well i dont pardon people who dont respect frndship... one could be teased more than me ever -->> 4 my accent and with boys......
5.i love readin.....but glz i m not a studyholic or a geek...
6.i didnt know i could ryt till ARUNDHATI N FATIMA helped me realize it...thanku people.:)
7.last but not the least...i HATE =>shopping, gossiping, painting myself (make up) and chitchatting....
                                      LOVE=> plz dont tell me i m not like a girl....:P

most important stuff
I would like to pass on this award to: ( Names Arranged as they come in Blog Lis

My World's One Big Dream

Simply Words !

The Silhouette..

Abstract Thoughts

To the ppl i have mentioned above, there are a few things you are expected to do after this...they are:

a. Write down seven things about yourself.
b. Pass it on to people you feel deserve it.
c. Ask them to follow suit.
d. Continue writing those beautiful posts.