Thursday, June 23, 2011


The game kept going,

Lucifer made a bid-
‘Fatigue will chain your bones forever,
If the rolling dice gives a one.’

The rolling dice rolled over and over,
Miraculously stopping at one.
Stealing my maiden chance for bid,
Creating an all new slothful me.

A sly smile dancing on Lucifer’s face;
He went on ahead to the second bid.
‘Illegitimate want will reign your mind,
If the crystal dice shows a two.’

Obliging like a cur to master,
The rolling dice ceased at two.
Wanting all that I could see,
My eyes were glistened with greed.

Excited he went on for his third bid.
‘Let’s make you envious on three.’
Merciless dice, showed the number at once,
Forcibly, throwing me into the dungeons of Jealousy.

Confident of win, he called for a four
To make me Pride’s wonder ball.
The playful dice displayed the misery four.
Proud and haughty, I acted bold.

Hungry he grew; he remembered something,
Invited Gluttony to join me for five.
The dice wriggled to showcase a five;
Gulping all the food, I sat with my insatiable desire.

Ready for surrender, I waited for his call.
“A six”, he called, to fill me with wrath.
The crystal slave rolled over to a six;
I stared with anger, he laughed like a chimp.

Bored, the sloven Devil stood, ending the game.
‘My lucky loser, I present you my departing gift,
You will be loved forever by Lust.’; He vanished.
Defeated, I sat, sloshed with the deadly sins.



  1. Very powerfully written... You have an interesting mind!!!

  2. Wow!!
    This is amazing and so different :)..
    Wonderful thoughts!

  3. what a story it does tell. drew me in and kept me there to the end. Great ballad!

  4. interesting .. and those parting lines were powerful :)

  5. @jim, simran and hope-thanku so much...glad u guys liked it...:)

  6. @rachit-thanx 4 the visit n glad u liked it...:)

  7. wow is by far 1 of your best creations.....luvd it!!!

  8. Hey, Hi
    Amazing gal....purely fantastic...loved it.

    Reminded me of one of my fav songs...

    "Shape of my heart - Sting"

    truly genius...

    Eon Heath...

  9. @apu-thanku so much dear...glad u loved it...n welcome to blogsphr finally...:)

  10. @eon-thanku so much...n well now i got a new track to listn to thanx 4 tat too...:)

  11. It had everything in it ..really your different. I really wonder how come you write such a post !!

  12. @sheril-thanx...n i m no diffrnt...:)

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  14. Seven sins...very nicely written.

    Somewhere inside us we have a bit of each one of them...

    P.S. I should have come here much earlier, when someone recommended me your blog once...I was missing something beautiful all this long...and now be assured to see me over here quite often :)

    I liked your About Me...n everyday finds a new me...

  15. @beyond horizon-thanku so much...i m glad u liked my work n prof...would love to see u arnd...n welcome to my blog...:)

  16. wow that was amazing...I loved it the way you weaved all the 7 sins together! Falling short of words as usual :D

    Take Care

  17. @fatima-hehe thanku so much...hmm sabar ka phal meetha hota hai...:)...

  18. Awesome!
    The flow, the words kept me hooked till the end.. Intriguing. Very nice. You put it together so WELL.. :-)

  19. @manshaa-thanku so much....glad u liked it....n welcome to my blog...:)

  20. Wow wow!...gr8 creativity....and gr8 imagination..!!
    Superb poetry!

  21. a noble and realistic presentation of thoughts. beautifully crafted work...glad to hop onto ur blog..
    and i loved the line 'You will be loved forever by Lust' :) u've earned a new reader!


  22. @subtlescribbler-lucky me u liked my work...thanx 4 the visit...n welcome to my blog...:)