Saturday, December 17, 2011


A blooming flower amidst,
A raging storm of thoughts.

A light in the darkest room,
We are later bound to pay for.

A hope amongst all falls,
Still opening a forbidden door.

Testing our limits,
Shining with a wicked glow.

Blinding our faith,
Sedating us with ambition's roar.

Nudging us to push forward,
And test ourselves in an unknown land.

Gives a height to our thoughts,
But doesn’t have a roof.

An ambience to nurture a real us,
Real or surreal is yet to be decided.

A dramatic play with inquisitiveness,
A toy to note our perseverance.

A robbery which is never optimum,
A knowledge which never is complete.

A dream totally non scalable,
A mission defending a mission.

An idea pulling us out of a doomed sepulchre,
Just to put in another one.

Agony to know more,
Deceptive yet inevitable,
And it starts with a mere QUESTION
And all of it just follows.

-Abhijit Panda and Vaisakhi Mishra

p.s.- this was written over a chat i had wid my cousin....we just kept writing random ideas about curiosity n this is wat we had in the end of less than 5 mins.....and the idea credits totally go to him...:)