Saturday, September 17, 2011


A trickster, a gambler, a thorough player and a vital whatsoever - MY HEART. I wish I could cut it out and put it in a chest far away like ‘The Pirates of the Caribbean.” And ‘MIND’ a 5 GHz trigger, amplifying everything the heart does. Ok but the point here is not that.
Since two days I was terribly upset about 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…….  I lost the count. God knows how many things. Everything I did, like Newton had said, seriously had an equal and opposite reaction. Almost every person I am close to gifted something that was forced into my sorrow vault. (Stupid me, being very close to people is so bad, I know…anyways) Everything I wanted to set right tumbled down and mocked at me for being a failure. There was only one thing I found solace in, in two days, and it had nothing to do with reality. It was imagination, rather an imaginative stuff.
Then I realized is it not always like that? Whenever things go wrong, or we are broken and upset, it’s not the real world that embraces us but something built by imagination that pacifies us, reminds us about our good things and creates a path through which we enter reality and normalcy, shedding the disturbed feelings on the way. It’s always imagination we run to for our rescue. But think it’s our heart that tricks us and makes us feel sad and at the same time it’s our heart that makes us imagine and be happy in the ‘wonderland’ (I don’t believe in ‘mind making us imagine’). Why is it that our heart defeats us in the game it plays but just before we surrender replenishes us to continue the game for long? And why is it that we always love imagination and fantasy compared to reality? Everything we need we want we are happy with has something to do with our imagination, why? Why can’t the real be as good as the reel?
I know these are stupid questions but well it just an attempt to build a bridge between the real world and wonder world. I have put one pillar but don’t know if the bridge will ever be built. Reality just never meets imagination!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Blemished Me...

Flickering hope,
Crippled faith,
Tarnished love
Washed in tides of tears.

Marred belief,
Cracked memories,
Fragmentized life,
Burning in flames of misery.

Tormenting past,
Crushed perseverance,
Engulfing darkness,
Succumbing to an anaesthetic reality.

Deeply cut,
Still strangely smiling.
Too much to bear-
It wears me no more.

Blindfolded, I walk,
Relieved, through the maze of pain;
‘Cause I am not afraid,
Not anymore.

-Vaisakhi Mishra

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wait and Belief...

Eloping from mist and cloud
Of a ruthless stony fort,
I fly back to that green glade,
Where time has frozen for me.                  

You gave your heart, for me to keep;
And took my soul away.
Aware of the fate, my warrior seeks,
My Elfish heart still beats for you.

Abandoned by tears, captivated by grief;
Hope dancing on my window sill.
I wait for you to return for me,
And relive that day for eternity.

Pity by sun and remorse by moon,
Winds blow with mocked sympathy.
I regret not my choice, knowing you’ll return,
For love is more powerful than anything.


prompt-the image, courtesy

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Silent orange spreading riotously in cloudless sky
Accompanied by mellifluous tweets of gleeful birds.
Sun beams dancing on my window sill,
Soul inhaling bright dry morning air;
Peace comes snapping, to greet the day.

Thunderous clouds and perennial rhythm of rain;
Tenderly kissing leaves; thirst of grass, all quenched.
Playful children splashing in puddles around,
Heart recording the sight of a blissful day;
Peace makes her presence felt yet again.

Sand, air and water, humming along the shoreline harmonize;
Swollen red glints bruising silver crested waves.
Grey gulls’ cacophony synchronizing in the dusky background;
Tired feet, bowing to the pristine sands, cunningly disturbing the sea;
Peace has a twinkling smile as the sun goes down.

Peace plays her chords in every part of the day,
Casting a familiar realization of her existence.
All we need is a little search for her,
And she embraces all, follows like our trusted shadow.


P.S.-wrote it for a competition in college, prompt was peace...