Sunday, March 27, 2011


Ret mein phirti ungliyaan,
Bana bethi tasveer aapki.
Yaadon ke gulistaan mein,
Guum hua mann banwra.
          Mohabbat ki talash mein,
          Hue rubaru aapse.
          Waqt ki gardish mein,
          Dil ne suni aapki sada.
Tasavur ki zameen par,
Haseen aapka saya,
Ghulkar fiza ke aanchal mein
Khubsurat ek saza de gaya.
           Tanhai ke aalam mein
           Ishq ka ek khayal.
           Khushiyon ka raqueeb bhi,
           Khushi de gaya.


the approximate english translation...:)....

Fingers dancing on the sand,
Sketched you out somehow.
In wide valleys of memories,
I lost myself somehow.

In my quest of love,
It was you I found.
Lost in maze of time
I heard your heartbeat's sound.

In the world of dreams,
I saw your beautiful silhouette-
Dissolving in mystique air,
Gifting me a sweet pain.

Lost in my lonely zone;
A flicker thought of this strange love-
The enemy of glee too,
Gifts me happiness somehow!

p.s.- my 2nd attempt at hindi or rather urdu write....but couldnt get a good title for this one...plz gimme one if you can...n i may add more lines to this one too...:)

Monday, March 21, 2011


Residing, a glossy, dark endless dome-
Celebration of shimmer and glitter.
Washed by breeze carrying sweetness home-
Fragrance of jasmine cluster.

Perfumed with dreams
Black, en roofs everything.
Decorated by starry streams,
Night spreads, like a peacock's preen.

Airy and effulgent, thoughts float around
Filling the dark enticing chest.
Moon scurries behind enormous clouds
Teasing nightingales, in no haste.

Nature admires herself, like a Narcissist at rest
In this bright vignette star lite night.
Slowly and swiftly, reluctant to waste,
She captures this hypnotic sight.

Sailing on lofty clouds of rays,
Eos comes with her enticing light.
Letting her spread a path for sun,
Nature invites her to the Palace of Night.


P.S.:-PROMPT-beauty of night... 
hope it feels completed now...:)

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Lofty high hills,
Pastures green,
Wide blue sky,
Beside a concealed spring-
Is a home for me standing still.

My heart runs there
To find ethereal peace;
That pours like rain-
Amidst sweet swift breeze,
Against a bamboo shield.

When my heart is hurt-
It calls me in,
Giving me company, I seek,
Of happy times, it sings
Full of dear memories.

Tired and broken, due to world around;
That's when it holds me tight.
Filling the gaps tearing me apart,
It shelters me with all its might;
Barricading the stupid pain.

The soft heat of a peeking sun;
The falling leaves of maple trees,
Remind me of my tiny abode
In the cool zephyr of Autumn's niche.
A place, I feel as wannabe.

Home of my childhood;
Home of my dreams.
With my mother waiting with open arms,
Its the prettiest home to me.


p.s.-for people who have to stay away from their actual home, their parents....maybe due to work studies or whatever reasons...."heaven where our close ones stay"....

Friday, March 11, 2011


Spiders of guilt scurried up my spine
And settled into my heart to feed upon me,

Reminding me of my trysts with Sin.

A life decorated with martinis and guns,

Regular treat of slit throats;

Surrounded by nymphets and sylphs,
Plunging hearts like delicacy.

Sybarite, I was, a lover of fun

Well-known bleak dire scallywag;

Red painted days and nights
Spent in nefarious court of Crime.

Pulverizing in austere gaze of Death,

Hallucinations of my abominable past-

Help the arachnids to delve insanely deep
Annihilating my repenting soul,
Guiding it to the doors of Hell.
- Vaisakhi Mishra

Monday, March 7, 2011


A King above; mean beasts below,
Trapped in between am I-
A life painted with shades of valour and love,
Torn between duty and desire.

Lying in a pit where
Sorrows pelt down on a stoic face,
Bloody foam of weary wars
Come whizzing through the air.

Remembering a face, with smiling lips,
Bright trembling eyes filled with faith.
Departest I, with thy grief on my cheek,
Heart wilting with fear of the fate I seek.

Sadistic me, dauntless in war-
I'm no cavalier worth you at all.
With plume of charge of the state,
I am just a protector with no lover's fate.

O Princess dear waste no bead of tear
For an animal of war, provider of Death.
Set your heart on a worthy soul;
For our love lies in a forbidden zone.

Remember O Love,
For I'm forced by luck
To dance on a double edged sword
Of Duty - so cold.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Lost and blinded, he stumbles at the wall;
A wall of greedy mist
Enveloping the dark, enticing
Carnival of Lust.

Tied and drugged
Directed by hunger and aphrodisia,
He enters the exit less maze
Thickened with fragrant haze.

Looted he roams,
Like a worthless gnome.
Craving return; but
Captivated and reigned
By gluttony, in vain-
He losses himself
Again and again.

Dejected by life,
Chided by fate,
He surrenders his will
In lust's court of desire-
To burn in mean fire.


P.S- carnival of lust was the theme of the winnin team of fashion show in ma coll thought of writin a poem on this theme....n i tired not to include a single adult word....hope u guys like it...:)