Sunday, February 23, 2014


The fragrant spring knocks on his door,
When he opens it to a new day, with hope.
The Daisies and Sunflowers sing the morning hymn
While he waits for the girl to wake up from her dream

A place where love once danced to nature’s cacophony
And peace was dappled by a canopy so woody
Maybe, will get back what once was his
And he would thank these mountainous trees

“Why are we here and who are you?”
Breaks him from his trance too good to be true
The woman was up and standing appalled
And he knows his attempt was yet another fall.

“Calm down my love, for you are my life!”
“You lie”, she shouts and picks up a fruit knife.
With a “Trust me my dear” he moves towards the damsel
And in fright and defense she uses the blade

Amidst the raining “Sorry”s and regretful “Oh No”s
The blade clinks when it hits the marble floor.
And a body with a loving heart lies in a crimson pool
Still pleading to the trembling girl to keep her cool.

She goes up to the phone desk just to witness the fact
A framed picture of her marriage shows her with the same man
In tears she shouts “I love you, just stay with me Okay!”
And dials the number that might end up saving her day.

But while the phone rings; memories are washed clean
“How may I help you?” simply makes her think.
There is a man, I know not of, is dead on my floor

She keeps the phone, and with calm demeanor walks out of the door.

-Vaisakhi Mishra

PS - I read a story, quite sometime back and the basic idea of this poem is a direct pick of the story. I would have given it credits but i don't even remember where i read it. So if any of you come across a similar story let me know. The poem is my own though...:)

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Force of Love and Friendship

Book: Love @ Air Force
Author: Gaurav Sharma
ISBN: 9781630416287
Pages: 287
Ratings: 3.5/5
Price: 150

Something from the book  :
When a person, has one peg, he remains a man. When he has the second, he becomes a lion, when he takes the third, he becomes a barking dog, and after that, he becomes a pig.

Imagine a lazy afternoon and you just don’t feel like doing anything. Then you scan through your whole book collection to find something refreshing and different. Well that is when you would need a book called Love @ Air Force by Gaurav Arora. I decided to read a romantic novel after a very long time and by the time I was done with this book I was smiling. People who know me would know what this means because a romance novel making me smile is a rare phenomenon. Why? Well this is how.
The book Love @ Air Force is Gaurav Sharma’s debut novel and I have to say it is a very well researched work. The bits and pieces of the Air force life and the discussion of the academy were bang on. The story starts with a chanced meeting of two teenage friends Shabd and Sushil in Agra Air force station, but Ranks play truant in their meeting. Shabd has ended up being two notches above Sushil and the air force norms add some initial awkwardness to this reunion. With them catching up on the years passed we come to know Shabd has denied to get into the shackles of married life, the same shackles that have been Sushil’s nightmare for quite some time. And as you guessed it, it is all about love here – enter Soumya Maharishi, the daughter of a senior Air Force Officer and Shabd’s unrequited love whom he has not seen since 1990. If I say anymore I would be revealing the plot so guys pick up the book and start right away.

  • The Narration is just amazing. The Author did a commendable job is weaving his words together. He makes sure we laugh at least one time in every couple of pages. It is witty, it is sarcastic, it is hilarious and it keeps you glued to the story.
  • The characters – All of them were so authentic. I found Sushil’s character most compelling though, as he narrates the story he gives you insight into his life in the common man’s tongue which makes you laugh even at his misery. The maturity of Soumya and Sharmistha was also something I admired.
  • The poem - Read to find out which poem, but being a poetry freak i just couldn't help falling in love with that simple and yet amazing poem. And not to forget the letter, it was sincere and stirred feelings like anything.
  • The plot – Not that it was weak, but it wasn’t unusual either. A short sweet love story - that is all it is.

Certain stories are just like a breath of fresh air, breeze of early spring and this book totally fits into this category. Think of a situation that you meet some very old and dear friend of yours after some years, suddenly and then you just end up meeting a whole bunch one after the other. Just imagine and you would love this book. It is hilarious, close to life and funniest part is it celebrates friendship more than love. It is a book we would love to read over a cup of tea on a lazy rainy Sunday. But the book surely establishes Gaurav Sharma as a strong love story writer. For me it was a onetime read and would give it a 3.5 on 5.

And like the book says - It is always better to have a life partner who loves you rather than the one whom you love. Enjoy the feeling of love with this book.

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Just One More Time

It’s time - just one more touch
I hang in the balance, my memories blush
A word of love and kiss of life
To feel your radiant glow, just one more time

The adoring gaze of your brimming eyes
The mellow murmurs of your daring goodbyes
They sang to me all the lonely nights
And were my strength in these worldly fights

But hear me now ‘cause I am back for you
Our love’s as pure as the morning dew
And let no moment pass us by
For I am yours, beyond the years I die

I crave for the embrace of those frail arms
Those cease the storms of my mind to calms
But this tranquil love now waits for me   
I sit beside your grave waiting to lay here for eternity. 

P.S. In the bivouac of today's busy life we often forget to acknowledge how much someone means to us. Take a day out of your life, take a moment out of your day just to thank the people you love the most in the world. Don't wait for some right time to nudge you to speak of your love, do it then and there every time is the right time every moment is the moment to be remembered forever. And people Happy Valentine's Day!

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