Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Story of Three Hearts

Book : A Maverick Heart: Between Love and Life
Author: Ravindra Shukla
ISBN : 9789382473008
Pages: 383
Price: 195
Rating : 3.5/5

Something from the book  :

“As student and research staff – we have a busy schedule. Many of us have MBA entrance exams, job interviews and application for MS/PhD? Where is your priority?” Another question came from a group of students standing on the left the side of the hall. I could hear a murmur around the corners. The question of accuracy was not good enough; we were confused about priority as well.
“Thank you Sir for asking this. Let me ask you a very simple question…” I paused for a moment. My voice pitch rose. “If a girl gets shot in front of your eyes, will you leave her to bleed to death and go to write your exam peacefully, or will you run and take her to a hospital?” There was absolutely pin drop silence in the hall. “Where does your priority lay in this case?” A big applause followed after an eerie silence. I continued. “Do we still have questions on priority? My friends – This country is bleeding. Now it’s your call whether you want to act or just worry about the exam?”

Now a days when people see a book based on IIT or IIM and by an Indian Author the only thought that crosses their mind is, “OH NO, NOT AGAIN.” The same happened to me when A Maverick Heart – Between Love and Life was put up by Reader’s Cosmos for review. I went to ‘goodreads’ saw a 3.9 rating and said yes without a second thought. The book came, I read the synopsis, and must say I was impressed by the thought process put behind the book, but the mention of three friends and IIT campus had me half way convinced it was going to be another book inspired by Chetan Bhagat style campus story. And trust me when I say the book surprised me.

A Maverick Heart: Between Love and Life is a heartfelt story of three friends – Rahul, Richita ans Neerav. Rahul is an intelligent guy with the heart of gold, as many would say. He aims high and believes in social welfare. This idealistic self righteous trait of his forces him to choose between love, successful life and welfare of society and he chooses the later. He stays in India to fight corruption while his friends decide to explore life outside India.  

Richita a girl from an affluent background, a politically influential professor’s daughter rooted to her core Indian values, falls in love with Rahul. But her dreams and Rahul’s ideologies tear them apart. She chooses life over love, but when something is left without a perfect sealed closure it is bound to come out and haunt you and that is exactly what drives Richita’s story.

Neerav is determined rich guy next door character who would do anything for his friend Rahul. People assume success to be gifted to him by destiny, but he craves to etch his own name with his own ink.

The story is a long, over a decade long journey of these characters and has every bit of emotion needed. From friendship to love, dedication to determination, need and dreams the author covers all human emotions with equal fervor. The characters of Rahul and Richita are very well sketched while same can’t be said about Neerav. The story is almost believable and is much more than a campus story. The usage of current events in the world makes the story gripping and at the same time a lot of people can relate to the characters. The book is high on emotional quotient and makes up for its slow pace with it.

  1. The story is believable and not Bollywood oriented.
  2. The character of Richita, makes your heart cry and care for her. Also believe in her devotion and love.
  3. The friendship between Rahul and Neerav, made me count my friends and find a Neerav from my group. Neerav was my favourite character of the book by the way.
  4. The clever addition of the anti corruption protests and the way the story was weaved around it was compelling.
  5. The conversations between the characters are witty and a food for your thought at the same time. One such dialogue that got stuck in my grey matter – “Beauty lies in one’s heart and sex lies in one’s mind. It all depends on where your belief lies”

  1. The biggest flaw with the book was the sudden change of the tone of the book – from first person to third person. It not only did break the flow of the story but was a bit confusing and annoying.
  2. Too much description of some event was unimportant and the book lost its pace because of that. The editing could have been more prompt and crisp.
  3. Neerav – why was he not given more importance like Richita. As i said earlier I loved that character and wish he had more role in the story.

Overall the book was a promising read and a great first attempt by author Ravindra Shukla. The writer’s craftsmanship is undeniable with words and if you are a quotes fan, keep your highlighters ready cause your are bound to find many during the story. I would rate the book a 3.5, would have been an easy four if the first and third person problem was averted. Young readers and Chetan Bhagat fans will enjoy the book thoroughly. And people like me tired of campus stories – Pick the book to be surprised.

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