Monday, February 18, 2013

Jab We Met!!


A day I had been excited and worried about since Wednesday i guess, INDIBLOGGER'S HP CONNECTED MUSIC MEET. May not sound like a huge deal for many but for me it sure was a big deal as it was gonna be my first indimeet ever. Worried cause i usually have college on saturday, but when it comes to an indimeet its really crazy to choose college over it, anyways :P. so Saturday sets its pace and so does my indimeet venture. Bandra Station to Otto Infinito was a scorching not so interesting trip cause we were just 3 people eager to reach the venue that had so much in store for us. But the sun is forgotten totally when cold breeze greets you to such a beautiful location and you are welcomed with chilled light mocktails.

Then started the main event not the main event of the evening but definitely the main event for me - the meeting and greeting session. maybe just for 5 or 10 mins but i met around 30 people  and have connected well with them since 2 days now thanks to twitter and facebook. Many would say 10 mins is very less to meet anyone but i guess when you click you just do and once we had met we had the whole evening to interact with each other.


Post the meeting session was the actual main event of the evening the discussion about CONECTED MUSIC a venture of HP hungama and universal music. Boring but not "not productive" and being a music freak anything that relates to music sings to me. Also this very hour made #Connectedmusic A TREND ON TWITTER, so mumbai bloggers do rock big time!!!


 And this hour also was the jackpot hour sunday brunch at otto infinito and hp laptops. man wish the place had wifi or I had net access on my cell, but no use crying over spilt milk..:(. We gotta taste margeretta pizza and chicken well i would call it masala kabab which were the highlight of the food served to us during the event. The pasta and veg stir fry served later unfortunately couldn't rope in our taste buds still relishing the wonder of the previous visitors..:P

And yes the time after the discussion of the agenda was the most memorable one for me as the group of 3 which on reaching the venue had become 6 was now a huge group 13..:D..and we had a lovely photo session tooooo.

 Post this was the prize distribution and the opportunity to sing. YES SING!! Birds of the same feathers flock together - hold true everywhere just this time it was music. People with same musical interests formed a group and sang away to glory anything they wanted. Winners were the 13 13's which was the bollywood crazy club redefining favicol munni and sheila and runner-ups were the dhumchicks tapping to the disco track. And when you win u have prizes which for us were the HP DUAL EARPHONES. Thanx - my group 13 13 13 13 we rocked it!!          
                                     the 13's    
                                     the dhumchicks

And like every good book needs to end on a high note the evening ended with a group pic, indiblogger shirts and some new friends to be with...:)
Expectations lead to disappointment but no expectations can surprise you pleasantly. Being my first meet I went with Zero expectations and came back with a huge smile and excitement for the next meet which i hope is very soon.
Thanx a ton to Fatima, Rafaa, Aditi, Ashwin, Megha, Siddharth, Reshmi, Prutha, Nelton, Akash, Akshay, Stefan, Fizaah for making my day!!! and a special thanx to      nice meeting u guys..:)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Cupboard Full Of Emotions

@KalaGhoda festival, Mumbai

A smile in the eyes with hopeful dreams
A frown on the face of hurt soul
Some tears flowing down the eyes of heart
A stare a glare 
A shock a mock
All in a chiseled expression bank
Cal locally called human.

-Vaisakhi Mishra

Monday, February 11, 2013

Consuming Love

My cold heart whimpers
For it can’t feel the glow
It’s a cracked piece of metal
For all that I know

Where lies turn to truth
It sacrificed just itself
You blamed it to be frozen
And now it has no silver help

But rosier days await you somewhere
And it flutters with that thought
Silently it sings to self
The lullaby of all consuming love.

Why love can’t be simple,
Why its castle of glass falls?
What choices can we make-
When we are forced to let go.

Emptiness fills the sorrow pools
Where light mirages memories
Truly said, light is not accredited
If challenged not by darkness always.

-Vaisakhi Mishra
p.s. this poem is also a guest post on the standing coin
my 2nd guest post ever...:)