Thursday, September 1, 2011


Silent orange spreading riotously in cloudless sky
Accompanied by mellifluous tweets of gleeful birds.
Sun beams dancing on my window sill,
Soul inhaling bright dry morning air;
Peace comes snapping, to greet the day.

Thunderous clouds and perennial rhythm of rain;
Tenderly kissing leaves; thirst of grass, all quenched.
Playful children splashing in puddles around,
Heart recording the sight of a blissful day;
Peace makes her presence felt yet again.

Sand, air and water, humming along the shoreline harmonize;
Swollen red glints bruising silver crested waves.
Grey gulls’ cacophony synchronizing in the dusky background;
Tired feet, bowing to the pristine sands, cunningly disturbing the sea;
Peace has a twinkling smile as the sun goes down.

Peace plays her chords in every part of the day,
Casting a familiar realization of her existence.
All we need is a little search for her,
And she embraces all, follows like our trusted shadow.


P.S.-wrote it for a competition in college, prompt was peace...


  1. Nice least you could pen down the verses...I can't even join words..such is the state at the moment...

    I wish I could write something..anyways i hope the poem gets selected!

    Take Care.

  2. Firstly the post is so rhythmical.

    The song of peace that is always played through the many voices of nature, indeed. we need to listen it, to find the peace. The inner turmoil obscures it.

    a winning post it is!

  3. love the peaceful verse of the poem :)

    Weakest LINK

  4. Absolutely stunning. Hope you won the contest. Poem is so wonderful.

  5. Like your space.
    Bright, lots of optimism and freshness..
    you can, for sure, sketch a painting with words :)
    I never compete, but I guess you already won by the joy of writing this sweet piece.


  6. This took me to the beach on a bright sunny day. I felt the sun rays and droplets of water from the ocean on my face. I leave your site feeling peaceful. Thank you. Very lovely work.

  7. peace is the search we all follow, it helps soul to gather the harvest of life.

    lovely poem, soothing words touched my heart:))

  8. well written ...

  9. Nice poem dear...and nice message :)

    I hope you will win the contest :)

  10. beautifully written, vaisakhi!

  11. @fatima-thanku dear....n hey u r not bailin out i know u can pen one too n u have to...:)

  12. wow...that's beautifully written...peace is already their in our mind, all we need to do is realize it...

    nice one.


  13. @beyond horizon-thanku di...true inner turmoil stops us from seein wat we always want to see...feel wat we always want to feel...:)

  14. @rachit and saru-thanku so much...:)

  15. @aakash-thanx 4 the visit n glad u liked it....true joy lies in writin n feelin not in competin....its just the theme tat made me write this...:)

  16. @tameka-thank you so much 4 the visit....n glad u could feel the poem...:)...u felt peaceful after readin mission accomplished...:)

  17. @sanchita, saheer and valli-thanku...:)

  18. @hope-welcome back....n glad u liked it...:)

  19. @SUB-thanku so much 4 the visit n glad u liked it...exactly as u said...peace is wat we have with and within us..all we need is a little realization...:)

  20. Beautiful post. The calmness of nature as mentioned in this post reminds me of a poem by Wordsworth, Calm is the nature as a Resting Wheel.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  21. Nice poem Vaisakhi...The message is clear. :)

  22. Strange that we seek peace outside when it actually lies within us, you put it beautifully...

    And the way u've used everyday things
    (like morning, dew, sunset, children playing in puddle) is amazing... lovely post again, and yes I agee with Doc, its a winning poem :-)

  23. Hey, Hi
    nice...i never felt so much peace around..

    hm the image is good...kinda invokes a sunny sunshine feeling inside..

    i feel i am reading your blog after a real long time...
    did i miss out anything??


  24. @eon-hehe glad this post could make u see some peace around....n u didnt miss much....i wasnt bloggin 4 quite some time...:)

  25. Its so peaceful..and i loved the line which said:Peace plays her chords in every part of the day,
    Casting a familiar realization of her existence.

    I had not been quite a nice reader from sometime..will keep up from now on hopefully :) ..missed your lovely imageristic(i know this kind of a word doesn't exist :P but i feel so) pieces ;)

  26. @alcina-:)....glad u liked it...n hey dont tag urslf as a not nice reader...u r a very good blog frnd of mine...n tat is wat matters...:) as n wen u get time...;)