Monday, October 31, 2011


Finally I am back to torture my followers I guess, coz this might turn out to be my longest post till date. Before I start the 3rd degree session I would like to state the reason:

1st -My first blog-o-versary
2nd-Completion of a half century-50+ followers…thanx prakhyant rai…n I know I m late 4 this but still…

Ok I was planning what to write ever since my mid-terms got over. Like an ever oscillating idle pendulum my thoughts just resisted all my intensions to force them to a stagnant state. Well finally I thought of dedicating this post to my blog friends. This place is nothing less than Alice’s wonderland for me. I found so many new friends in one year to share my thoughts that try hard to emote 57 identified emotion in words and well the result is still a story 4 me….
To begin with I guess I should name the co-founder of this blog who I know would never sue me 4 not writing her name as a co-founder earlier FATIMA. She is the reason this blog started(she asked me to write on regular basis so if u hate me catch her 1st :P)…a friend who is a hyper active super temperamental human but simple and sweet at heart and power on words…well visit her blog to gauge the power…

Eon Heath-hmm I can’t say ‘uncle’ I can’t say “aap”…so simply beginning the story of the don…a person who has floored at least 5 girls of my class with his writin…:P...someone who actually “critically” analysed my work and helped me improve…and whose hindi write ups virtually dig and drop me 6 feet under the soil...:(…lovely human being…n hmm I guess he will certainly give me his hrdd after this…B)

Manshaa di-a die hard twilight fan…a complete believer of dreams whose works always have flashes of positivity in them….

BA-ok this is gonna be a confession time….truly I kept seeing this person since march but kept myself away from his blog….coz of his blog name….It gave me a feelin well he would be into long highly philosophical write ups wid no charm…n yes BA u can hit me 4 this….coz wen I 1st visited ur blog I wanted to do that to myself….if u don’t know wat descriptions are and how to juggle words u “should” go through his works…its like I 3 hours crash course wid promised perfection in the end…n yes BA please forgive me for my naïve thinkin…:)

Alcina-dark enticing and a push to wake the hibernating dictionary….well all in one package is her blog…beautiful write ups…

Poonam di-she is my music mate...:)…I just realized all we need is a song n we trigger a talk that can go on 4 god knowz how long…a complete music lover…fun to be wid girl…n yes she believes and follows laughter is the best medicine…(coz of this-change ur thought or ur occupation, di)…n wen she has a pen…well try and resist reading her works wen u ve started once n tell me…

Sarah- a bunch of thoughtoples hanging on her head is the idea she gives me with each and every write of hers…beautiful writer and if I write more I ll spoil her image…so just visit n read..

GVSPARKS- a devil with 4 horns…should be his name…god he is a magician wid words…he is cunning smart and a great writer its been only 6 days I guess since I ve known him…n I know these things 4 certain…check out 4 urslf…

Aakash-I had said this earlier and I say it again…this blog forces my face muscles to form a huge smile always….u wanna laugh take a look…

Simran-a girl who knowz to make instant frnds….and a beautiful poetess….her works say it all…so simply…simi..”u r amazin”…

Hope-like her name her works too are garnished wid hope….but its her imagination and game of words that fascinates me more….

Abhishek-a complete movie buff and a dedicated blogger….n he gave me a chance to be a part of the we have a story gang….thanx abhi…

Rachit-his blog weakest link is the strongest link between real life and blogs…politics enginnering life and wat not…browse and u find it all…hmm inactive since some days but well will be back I know…Rachit best of luck 4 CAT…

Saru-beautiful writer…havnt takld to her ever…but well wen u read her work its like conversing wid her thoughts….i simply love her work…n this line is my usual commnt on her blog coz she renders me speechless….

Valli-a poet a painter an amazin human she is one of the allrounders in my blogosphere….short sweet apt and touchin is how her work is defined…

Sheril-u planning a trip…need a travel log well here is ur best frnd then…

Jim-photography at its best….n truly I envy him for this talent….his pics actually speak to u n most of the time they sweep u away and pull u into themselves…ask him wat is beauty to get the actual definition…

Jidhu-n yet another photographer to add to my misery….his clicks make me wish I was zapped inside his cam to learn his tricks…hell…

Ok…so I guess this is it…all my bloggerfrnds I ve known so far…n 4 the rest….i ll surely know u wid time I promise….coz homo sapiens of my catagories just cant stay without makin frnds…believe me…B)

A year of lovely ideas rule my mind wen I go into a flash back this day…(imagine an emotional tear eyed me plz). And yes I look 4ward to many more…a world openin to a new world letting me believe wat I ve always believed-“life is short do all u wanna do 2day n in this life…who knows wats the future”…n yes before I start babbling like a greek….thanku so much 4 being a part of my life…:) 


  1. Happyyy Birthday Blog :) May you have many more many more...

    Thank you for the mention...You have a unique style of writing blended with sweetness and a sharp edge to it..which is terrific. A word of Thanks to the co-founder described her well ;)

    Remember I had said in my very first comment o your 7 sins post that someone had recommended your blog to me...Psst Psst...its the Don you have mentioned :D
    and How can you call him a HUMAN BEING??!!! and that to Lovely!!! :P

  2. Happy blog-o-versary to you and your co-founder also:) Keep writing:)

  3. Happy Birthday to you...oops Happy B'day to your blog :D

    Now I'm at loss of words but thanks is all that I can say at this moment, and well you did write good and I felt that you need to come out in the open all I did was tell it was you who took it further :)

    Take Care.

    P.S: I want a treat..that too double treat :P

  4. Many Many Many Many Many Many more happy returns of the day...To your blog...

    Vaisakhi....Thanks for your kind words..:)

    Woah!!..You are are a gr8 poetess and a gr8 artist...I really enjoy reading your poems and seeing your works...Your poems are so creative.:)

    I hope you will continue this good work in the future too

    All the best....and Happy Blogging !!

  5. Congratulations!
    Happy Blog Anniversary :)
    Glad to see my name and your sweet words..I'm honored and lucky to be the part of your life! :)

    May you get bless with more sweet friends and many more years of beautiful blogging journey !
    Keep Smiling ..
    Love and Light!

  6. Firstly, baar baar din ye aaye baar baar dil ye gaaye- Happy Birthday to your Blog!

    You are gifted I feel because you manage to write about so many things- everyday things, love, dreams, social causes, nature, and the one that repeatedly strikes my mind is your poem 'Rolling Dice''. I like your blog for the feel of freshness that lingers after reading most of your posts. I visit your blog for this very reason and haven't been disappointed so far :-)

    Keep writing. And yes, the co-founder has to be congratulated here for pushing you into starting a blog, Congratulations to you too dear Fatima!!

    P.S- Vaisakhi, I wasn't expecting this, am overwhelmed by your gesture :-)

  7. Congrats on the achievements. And thanks for making me a part of your special post...:)

  8. @beyond horizon-thanku di...hmm had to call the don a "lovely human"...else i would have been encountered...n i do need the harddisk...:P

  9. @mithlash-thanx...n welcome to my blog...:)

  10. Its really great news ..Happy birthday to your blog !!And i would thx your fri who gave u the spark to start this blog.

    Through out your blog i love one things they way u present the message n the vocabulary you use its just awesome ,which will make me to learn some new words .Few month back i lost your URL and searched it in your profile in FB but u didn't upload it but now u have done it .

    It was a real surprise for me to find my name on this list .thx u mate .I m so happy to be a fri of U. You have lots of skills left.I hope you would reach the maximum heights and enjoy your life with this lovely blog !! Way to goooo ..Keep rockin

  11. @fatima-hehe my birthday still has to wait 4 some hrs dear...n believe be sometime a push is u makin me write regularly is a big thank you...:)

  12. @valli-thanku so much dear....glad u like my work...n will surely try to be constantly good wid my work..:)

  13. @simran-thanku simi..i m glad i m frnds wid u...:)

  14. @manshaa-thanx di...i guess rolling dice got me many frnds...:)...glad u like my work n surely will try not to disappnt u ever...:)

  15. @saru-thanku....n thanx 4 being a part of my life..:)

  16. @sheril-thanx....n glad u find my at times diffclt word usage ok..:P...n u shouldnt be surprised...u r a frnd so this mentions had to come...:)

  17. OMG! i saw my name..yeyyy! hehe! And y will u spoil my image with such sweet words buddy? I doubt :P
    And d important- wish ur blog a very happy birthday and congratulations on ur 50 followers..May God bless u with more :)
    cheers and partyyyy :D


  18. Woooow..:) thats soo sweet..:) it really talks how much u respect relations..:)
    I would be gald if u visited my blog..:)

  19. By d way..:)
    Happppyyy Birthdaaaay to ur blog n u for puttin nice stuff..:)

  20. Ohh great.. congrats. party time.. :))
    And yeah its a great time to thanks all who made life king-size while blogging :) Thanks for including my name too .. it feels good :P

    Also, Issued In public interest : Weakest LINK isn't inactive.. only the number of posts a month have come down.. plz visit the blog to check out the latest posts.. all 4rm Gustaki maaf to MTV roadies.. to CAT :) :PPPPP

    Weakest LINK-- nn keep blogging :)

  21. Happy first blog-o-versary to you Vaisakhi and thanks to your co-founder friend too,because of her I found such a talented writer like you to write with us at We have a Story.Keep writing and keep sharing them with us.


  22. @sarah-hehe thanx...n well ur name just had to be here..:)...n ya if i make understatements about u it would be n stopped myslf 4m writin more..;)...

  23. @ankitha-thanku so much 4 ur kind words...n welcome to my blog....will surely visit urs...:)

  24. @rachit-thanku 4 being a part of my bloggin journey...:)....n let me know abt ur 'cat' later...:)

  25. Haa....i am up there.... :D hehehe....well i would have done with a few royalties...but then, i guess this will do for the time being...
    floored 5 gals!! mann, glad i didn meet them, or i wouldl hav killed them with my looks...literally..

    lovely human being....hmmm...just lovely? i am super fantastic!!! :P

    n, Statuatory warning - soem docs are better kept at a distance, their only motive is to tranquilize your bum bums...

    n happy blogging.. :)

    abt that HDD, u knw we get 2TB for 400bucks here? am plannign to buy one byt he end of the year..the 1TB is already full....i may rent it out to you... :P

    Eon... aka "Dubai se Don"

    p.s.- the part abt me "critically analyzing" well, you would have learnt even without me doing are gifted. :)

  26. @eon heath-i actually wanted to write so much ryt now in reply....but guess wat i m just laughin...
    ok ya 5 girls...but well all of them nerdy types so if u meet them they r gonna ask u 4 training in writin i presume...
    n yes just lovely...:P...n doc n i are in the same cult don dont worry...:P...
    and 2TB FOR 400??!!?? its like gimme one or i dont understand RENT...i m takin the 1tb 4 sure...:P...
    n guess everyone needs some checks and crosses at a point of time even though people think they r gifted....n u did tat 4 THANKU!!!...:)

  27. HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY! I had no idea my name would be listed amongst your list. I am honored and thank you. :)

    thank you so much for your continued support of my blog and poetry. I do value our connection.

    I hope you have many more years of posting great works ahead of you!

    take care!

  28. @Eon Heath
    Yeah very true, you would killed those gals by SCARING them by your sheer Dracula looks :P

    Fefodo mein dhua bharne wale Statutory warning hi dege!

    @Vaisakhi *high five* and i so very much want to tranquilize someone here, shhh...who fear the pointed needle ;)

  29. @Vaisakhi
    indeed you n doc are of the same dates patients n the other witches... :P
    training on writing? no problemos...i am a good trainer.. :D
    hmm, giv the 1TB to you? ok, lets talk bargain....

    tumhara number aayega.... >.<
    main needle se nahi darta, bas fukat tochan pasand nahi mujhe... :P

  30. Ah!! So so so so nice of you ;)
    Dil khush kar ta ji !!
    by the way My name izzz gvSparx not sparks :D
    See you around... hope do chaar tere reader chura lu main bhi :D

  31. @poonam di-hehe i so loved this...'Fefodo mein dhua bharne wale Statutory warning hi dege!'...n god i didnt know someone feared the needle...:P...:)

    @eon heath-ooo witches r smart and intrestin...u should try too...:P...n yup okey dokey 4 bargain then...:P....n yes lucky frnds of mine...:)

  32. @GvSparx-hope i got it ryt this time...:P....n chagi baat he ji ke aap khush khush ho gaye...:)...n ya sure churao jitne chahiye...all urs...:P

  33. Hey
    i am so sorry that i didn't comment on this one..though i had read it a longtime sorry..hope you excuse me for this time and thank god you reminded me through fatima :P
    I am highly obliged :)
    and the dictionary thing i was like ohkeyyy.. hehehe..thanks a lot vaisakhi..and congrats on the 50th followers and may more come :)
    and happy birthday to your blog..though a belated one but hopefully it agrees to take my wishes..

  34. @alcina-hehe a blogger is a bit selfish at i guess i had to do the fatima notification act...:P...belated is alright dear....n u dont need to say sorry...:)....btw thanku...:)