Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Ramp Braidy Hair

TRESemmé Ramp Ready, a campaign through the TRESemmé India Youtube channel where Diana Penty flaunts her beautiful salon style perfect hair and where we learn about various hairstyles hair types and how to care for them kind of pushed me in a chemistry lab for hair aka experimentation mode. Nope I am no robot, I am a homo sapien who is blessed with long *dont know if they are lusty* but kind of straight hair and I so love the product (guilty I use TRESemme climate control regularly). And thus my braid hair lessons began and my album for the perfect Ramp Ready Braidy hair.

     1.   The Waterfall Braid or khajur chotti - Cause simple is better and I am fixated with braids.
-          Divide your hair in four equal parts in the place you normally tie your pony.
-          Take the outer two halves and cross over the inner 2 halves one after the other.
-          Now the inner two halves become outer halves.
-          Cross them over the current inner 2 halves.
-          Continues the above steps till you feel like. J


          2   The Waterfall Twist – Simple, elegant and the most used French braid
-          -       Take a small strand of hair, from a side, that can be divided into 3 parts
-          Start making the normal plait by crossing over the 3 strands.
-          After every 2 set of crosses pull in a small strand of hair through the braid.
-          Continue till you reach the level of your normal pony tail and braid up the remaining hair or pin it and leave the rest open. Also you to take the entire hair to a side and braid it up if you have long hair.

     3.   Chinese Bun – for voluminous hair
      -      Brush up the upper part of your hair and divide it in two equal parts.
-          Curl up one part clockwise in the place you regularly tie your pony. Pin and secure it.
-          Curl up the other part anticlockwise around the first bun, pin and secure it.
      -      Leave the rest of the hair open and if you want u can pur decorative pins in the centre of the bun or use Chinese hair sticks to secure the bun.

1.    4. High Braidy Updo – extension to the Chinese bun
-          -           First make a Chinese bun
-          Divide the remaining hair in as many parts as you want and braid up every part.
-          Curl up every braid around the Chinese bun in alternating clockwise and anticlockwise fashion.
-      Secure and pin up, the updo stands


      5.  The Triple French Braid – Needs patience but makes your hair look voluminous.
-         -  Divide the hair in 3 equal parts.
      - Starting from the very top of a part take a small strand and brain up with just one cross over.
      -  Post the first cross take a small strand of hair from a side and add it to the middle strand of the braid. 
      - Cross over ones more and continue till the braid is done
      - Braid up all 3 parts similarly and in the end braid these 3 together to 
f    form a fat sturdy roundish braid.

I would have loved to try so many more braidy hairs but I had to have some mercy on my arms and so just showing what I would have added to my ramp ready album had I been a part robot part human. Hope you guys get psyched and go crazy with hairstyle like I did after looking at the torture my hair had to go through to satisfy my experimental steak. 

p.s. All pictures used are personal except for the last one...:)


  1. nice hairstyles .. all the best for the contest :)

  2. have got pretty hair yar :) I love the bun and tripe french braid...good luck for the contest :))

    1. thanku so much sarah...glad u liked those hairstyles..hope u try them too..:D

  3. WOW and the triple french braid suits you. Thanks for telling what is the other name of khajur chotti, I always did that when I had long hair. Beautiful presentation and all the very best!

    1. thanx saru di..:)..and believe it or not i always wondered what khajur choti and sagar choti are called in i know the name for khajur...sagar is still a mystery...:P...and glad u like the post..:)

  4. Oh wow! So many hairstyles! I loved triple french braid and waterfall twist!

    All the best for the contest dear!!

    1. hehe ya too many my mom got tired after she tried the triple french braid in my hair..:P...and glad u liked the hairstyles...:))

  5. Just loved your blog post and all the lovely hair styles :-)

    1. thanku so much...:)...glad u liked it and thanx for the visit..

  6. Wow beautiful long the hairstyles :-)

  7. What happen to the contest... did you win? Are you interested in any long hair photoshoot... please contact me if you have it on top of your mind.. :)

  8. I liked your waterfall braid, waterfall braid twist and chines bun... Nice make over..