Tuesday, September 8, 2015

If I Were Free

Long but tiny shackles of gold
Infinity defined by a glass dome
Freedom is all but an illusion for me
Yet I think of if I were free

Hath ages adorned no damage of fate
And let me cross the conventional gates
There would be more of me now
And to none of the masters would I ever bow

Fence life with spirit and light
And lift myself on an adventure flight
Roam around like a free bird
Bloom if I weren’t curbed in a bud

Beyond horizons beyond restrictions
Over a burden of rudimentary expectations
Would have galloped like a horse and soared like a lark
And met life at the juncture of dawn and dark

But trapped is my life, my spirit all gone

If I were free is just a thought forlorn.

- Vaisakhi Mishra 

P.S. - Photo Source - http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/daydreaming/images/22933784/title/freedom-wallpaper


  1. It's been a while since I visited your blog! Loved this piece of writing!
    What triggered this train of thoughts? It would be interesting to know :)

    1. Hi Vijeytha Di

      Yes it has been really long but glad to see you here :D The poem was supposed to be about freedom. Juggled a lot of thoughts but guess frame of mind just made me take a 'freedom is an illusion' take on the topic. Glad you liked it though :D

      Keep Visiting :)

  2. The thoughts about freedom; the idea is eternal, isn't it? Especially when we never really get to feel it with our lives :)

    1. the idea is eternal and so is the want...but will freedom be true ever in the ideal sense?