Monday, November 7, 2011

Song of Melancholy...

Pale fingers playing on the strings
Of a cold and timeworn violin.
Misty night and dead old trees,
Sway to her song of melancholy.

Screaming and wailing her silent thoughts,
Frozen tears on the violin chords-
Emote-soulful music she plays,
All night long, till the silver fades.

Rendition of notes builds a beautiful delusion,
Only to shatter on her lover’s tomb.
Beneath the moonlight, in Mystic Falls,
Her stoic self wraps a heart with tears.

To calm her fears
To find way back home
She returns with music, every night,
To her lover’s age old tomb.


ps-picture prompt,
     Mystic Falls- an imaginary place close to all VD lovers...:)...


  1. 'Frozen tears on the violin chords' AND 'Her stoic self wraps a heart with tears' are two most beautiful lines I have read in recent times. Lovely play of words. Sad poem but beautiful expression.

  2. Vaisakhi,I am visiting your blog first time.
    You have presented your emotions superbly.
    Thanks,for the nice presentation.

    If you like Hindi blogs,please,visit mine also.

  3. Awesome... Completely agree with saru singhal... I loved those two line.... excellent presentation...

  4. u r too good when it comes to poetry girl!
    indeed a song of melancholy strung in wonderful words...


  5. Hello.
    Visiting from the group Bloggers.

    This is sad, but beautifully penned.
    Awesome imagery!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn

  6. Beautiful...and you used the picture prompt damn good...
    I loved the feel and the picture it painted in front of me..sad with a with a longing..loss with melancholy..

  7. @saru,sajeed, sarah and alcina-thanku so much glad u guys liked it...:)

  8. @rakesh kumar-welcome to my blog...n thanku so much 4 the commnt...i surely will visit ur blog as and wen i get time...temporarily i m vanishing 4 blog-o-sphere coz of my exams...:)

    @andy-thanku so much 4 ur visit n commnt...:)

  9. Poem has never been my genre, also I envy those who can write it. I envy you. :)

    Such an apt poetic description of the picture you used.

  10. Awesome poem....Your poems take me to the entirely new world...I can just imagine and feel what's written....Good work

  11. I liked the first two paras a lot... very well defined images :)

  12. Amazing!
    One of your best poem I've ever read :)
    Liked the image ...
    All the best!

  13. @prateek, valli, gvsparx and simi-thanku so much...:)

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  15. I wonder how come I always love the tune of melancholy....This is one of them :)

  16. Beautifully penned...when it comes to melancholy you express it wonderfully :)

    Take Care

  17. @andy-oops...just missed out...the magic 25 has already been filled...:(

  18. @beyond horizon and fatima-thanku so much...:)

  19. lovely words...beautifully crafted lines!

  20. @kalyan- thanx 4 the visit n the commnt...:)

  21. Very nice post, and awesome words.