Saturday, December 11, 2010


this one was written 2 or 3 yrs back.wrote it 4 ma coll magzn....n just clarifying...i m not depressed....its just a thought....

Life has become a bonded labour now,
Happiness has gone into self exile.
Dark clouds of sorrow and grief,
Have been sent by melancholy,
To wash away all the bright memories.
All that are left with me are-
The dull silent cords of depression.

As augured by fates,
There will be no more laughter.
The bourn of joyful times is now sunken forever.
Though the steel white sun still shines,
It enlightens only my pains and sufferings.
So I surrender myself now
And embrace depression with my mocked but last smile….



  1. beautifully written....u amaze me every tym!!!!!

  2. very nice choice of words...of course the depression is an integral part of human nature...its not vivacious but still it inspires somehow...good one...

    once again...if you could use all small letters that would be really great....

    and can also check out
    its the biggest online community for poets...where you can get inputs from people and get lots of reviews,criticisms and ofcourse prizes...

  3. @the fallen poet-thanx a ton...will surely use small letters 4m now on....dont worry..:)...n thanx 4 tat link....