Saturday, December 17, 2011


A blooming flower amidst,
A raging storm of thoughts.

A light in the darkest room,
We are later bound to pay for.

A hope amongst all falls,
Still opening a forbidden door.

Testing our limits,
Shining with a wicked glow.

Blinding our faith,
Sedating us with ambition's roar.

Nudging us to push forward,
And test ourselves in an unknown land.

Gives a height to our thoughts,
But doesn’t have a roof.

An ambience to nurture a real us,
Real or surreal is yet to be decided.

A dramatic play with inquisitiveness,
A toy to note our perseverance.

A robbery which is never optimum,
A knowledge which never is complete.

A dream totally non scalable,
A mission defending a mission.

An idea pulling us out of a doomed sepulchre,
Just to put in another one.

Agony to know more,
Deceptive yet inevitable,
And it starts with a mere QUESTION
And all of it just follows.

-Abhijit Panda and Vaisakhi Mishra

p.s.- this was written over a chat i had wid my cousin....we just kept writing random ideas about curiosity n this is wat we had in the end of less than 5 mins.....and the idea credits totally go to him...:)


  1. ohh great... was good to know that how creative you both siblings are.. curiosity... touched the heart :)

    Weakest LINK

  2. curiosity to explore the unknown leads to creations so wonderful. lovely poem, an outcome of two beautiful minds:)

  3. Wonderful :)

    Keep exploring with curiosity and making wonders!

  4. This was great. It is amazing how we can collaborate if we have the right words and thoughts. Congratulation to both you and Abhijit.

  5. @rachit-welcome back....n glad u liked it...:)

  6. @sancheeta di, simran and rimly-thanku so much....

  7. @janu-thanx...n thanku 4 visitin my blog...:)

  8. It starts with a mere question...True

    Reminded me of this quote :I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious. ~Albert Einstein

    and Woaahhh...during chat!! :)

  9. That was great....Sometimes, it just takes very few minutes to write a poem.....Depends on the flow of thoughts

  10. @Beyond Horizon-haha maybe my bro read tat quote before he came up wid this idea....n ya durin chat n its fun di...try it some day...:)

  11. @valli-hmm true sometime just a thought n few mins is enough to write wat ur heart wants to...:)

  12. curiosity is a wonderful gift!

    great write!

    hope you and yours have a very blessed New Year!

  13. @hope- thanku so much....n happy new yr 2 u n ur family too....:)

  14. Hey, Hi
    conversations are opens up new possibilities, new ideas...