Sunday, December 16, 2012

ME the Lab Rat!!!

Trendy trends tread around
And my misery seems unfair
Blessed I am with wavy hair -
Craving to be set straight

I love my hair the way they are long shiny and wavy. But recently the rampant trend of straight hair seemed to be stealing the luster of my hair. For my 21st birthday I decided to give the straight look a try but was scared to do the permanent rebonding stuff cause in the end only the thing that suits you could be termed as fashion and if it doesn’t suit you it’s a disaster. Unfortunately permanent hair straightening was not a try and buy offer. So I had to rack my brain and came up with a workable but weird solution. Fingers crossed, I started the experiment on myself replacing the lab rat.
I had heard my friends saying - to straighten your hair you need to iron it. For once it did seem logical too cause if an iron can set clothes straight then why not my hair. And just so that it’s a bit more lasting I decided to glide the hot metal on my wet dripping just washed hair but not without support. I didn't want the iron to feel it’s doing a work under its pay level so I placed a fluffy towel on the iron board and sandwiched my hair between the towel another thin cotton dupatta and the iron. 1 roll 2 roll 3 roll and I started to feel the heat. A min passed of this wackiness and I couldn't believe my eyes because my ever wavy hair was straight like a lamppost. And just so that I don’t lose this newly achieved fleet- ‘at my hair’s risk’, I entered the war zone, sneaked into my brother’s stash of products and abducted the small box of hard shinny hair gel.
Guess straight hair is worth all this trouble. And believe me the iron and the gel do help you to have straight hair and then go back to your original style with the very next wash. I did experience it on that day. Somehow this seems to be the ultimate solution for straight hair as it’s a more trendy option. You can keep switching from one hairstyle to another and still have straight hair as and when you want. And for better results you can keep your hair spread like a queen’s gown on your bed when you sleep and keep your laptop on it while you take your beauty nap. It’s for a lasting effect, but not yet tested…

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  1. A picture would have made it a complete entry! Liked your post, all the best for the contest :)

    1. thanx...n next time i ll have pictures 4 my entries 4 sure...:)

  2. Nice experiment for straight her! :D
    All the best for the contest Vaisakhi :)

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