Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ballroom Dance

The shimmering light of the chandeliers
And the colourful flowers here and there
Made the ballroom a maiden’s dream
But the men pouring in, were from some medieval stream.

 All men wearing sleek Raymond suits
And posing with sophistication in woodland boots
But all re-colouring the whole room sepia
Unshaved and shabby; they pile up my dilemma.

Not one handsome knight
To break my cold feet plight
Not one striking gentleman
Suitable for this prince charming fan!

But there he enters like a gallant king
Clean shaved, McDreamy and super dashing
One glance and him and all ladies swoon
But he comes up to me with a cheesy woo

We dance all night in the artificial moonlight
While the ancient men play with thier stubble in spite
But not one of them scores a damsel for the eve
If only they had known, the secret was to shave.

I stared at the bright loving eyes of my crush
Who smiled like a rose, every time I blushed
His clean shaven look bowled me over
Wish I could sway in his strong arms forever.

The other ladies looked on, with envy in their eyes
Waiting for just a dance beneath the candled sky
While giving the retro crowd a cold weird pass
But this night was like a dream for me, at last!

-Vaisakhi Mishra

Something funny after ages!!!

Also I was tagged by Ankit Jain for the contest. I tag Amrit, Sarah, Namrota and Bushra for the contest.


  1. you're a romantic after my own heart! certainly made me believe! lol! loved this!

    1. haha glad u liked it!...:D and ya maybe there is a romantic me somewhere..:)...

  2. Again you are with a romantic poem. Wonderful! I have tagged you here Hope you will accept it

  3. Very romantic and beautiful poem :)
    All the best for contest dear


  4. Beautiful flow to your poem ..romantic!
    I have tagged you in my post Babe's Date with his Dad.Hope you will accept it :)