Monday, October 6, 2014

Out Of Denial

Flying blind in the realms of darkness
Is a soul so torn, lost in madness;
But denial is the citadel she has built for herself
Refusing to let go of her decimated self.

Rendition of life, ripples of past
All have some dark spell cast;
Luring her to a sparkling Mangata,
Feeding on her grieving platter.

But torn she is, not defeated yet
Unknown to all, she has now put a self-bet.
Breaking the walls of denial with a sneer
She now wanders to find acceptance’s lair.

Hath no power like a scorned woman

How dark would she be, once out of the gloomy den?

-Vaisakhi Mishra


  1. Strong and powerful ... anger can often lead to deep resolve.

    1. Anger is a key to a lot of things at times :)

  2. Dark and lost but not sinister. Depression and loneliness at it's best.

  3. that was deep and dark! loved it

  4. Depression can feel that way, for sure. Maybe out of the den, she'll find the light and not the darkness again.

    1. Maybe she will, but sure she wont fall into the abyss of despair again.