Saturday, November 22, 2014

Broken Record

The same tone resonates
And all is steady now
For same song she sings
Day and Night, to and fro.

Deterred by her own fate
She dares not to speak more
If only one could hear her words untold
She could stop this never ending tour

Strewn leaves on the pavement
But not one blows away
She knows it all tells her something
No one hears her cry

Voice gone, words frozen
She walks down the woods alone
Stopping all to not go in there
But they do go and then are gone

If only she was not a humming broken record
And could snap them out of the suicidal trance
She could save so many from the doom
She was pulled into once.

P.S. - If you are lost about the theme of the poem read up Aokigahara Forest. :)


  1. Amazing ! Never knew about the suicide forest... Well written poem ! captures the mood perfectly !:)

  2. I remember watching a documentary on this forest on NG or Discovery. It has been proven using all those ghost-finding devices etc. that this place has abnormal levels of electromagnetic radiation intensity and it is said that this place is indeed very negative and haunted.

    That was a nice poem, befitting the theme of this forest.

    1. Thanks...:) and it was NG...i had seen that documentary too! :D

  3. I didn't know about this suicide forest ... thanks for sharing the wiki link :-)

    And your poem, as always, was really nice ... loved it ... I find it difficult to write poems based on stories or reality, but you nailed it brilliantly :-)

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