Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Leaves

A soft touch, light but cold,
A chill passing through the murmuring leaves-
All await with a flaming glow
To meet the end of their days.

They spiral down post a blowing kiss,
And clad the earth in an auburn tinge.
Yes they are lost and strewn around
But still exist in nature’s lap.

Soon the cold might bury them deep
And gone is the sun, the sultry heat.
All that is there is to wait for a white sheet.
But look the smiles – they bring to children – still!

Piles and piles created to play;
Adults too steals some moments away-
Framed or just lost in pages somewhere.
Love, they feel right till their last day.

Caressed with love by the whispering wind,
Kissed deep by a season of a kind;
Autumn is here and they are falling away,
But soon, like a phoenix, their home will see a new day.

-Vaisakhi Mishra