Friday, April 6, 2012

Split and Caged

Deep down and dead
Standing, tongue tied and twisted
Crawling her way up to reach the crack
Reminiscence of past crush all that’s left
Screams of misery and pain
For her standing self to hear
But words reach just somewhere else
Subdued now by the reigns of Fates

A war of devils and angels alike
Striving to breathe their power in her
When all she wants is to be an earthling
Be back in her flesh and her true soul.

Split in two is her existence
Real buried and figurine stands
Delusional truth simply out in cold
A puppet, with life, caged within the world.



  1. Read you after so many days...
    Missed you!
    Here's brilliant write up by!
    Your words are playing in my mind... so deep and painful!

    1. seriously simi its been 2 months since i last saw the bloggers network...i missed it badly....glad u remembrd me...:P....n liked my new poem...:)....

      p.s.-thanx 4 tat tag earlier will do the needful once my mid terms get over...:)

  2. Pretty confusing at first..I don't find a rhythm to this actually..though your meanings are very nice.

    1. hehe well if u found it confusing n widout rythm u r kinda on right path coz the theme was tat....someone lost sense of reality....lives a fake life even without realizin coz somethin happnd in the past n now the real self is tryin hard to resurface but well in vain...:)....

  3. deep and stirring. I followed clearly from the beginning to the end. Did not find it confusing but understood it to be about confusion. wow! Love it!

  4. I just love it. It was painful but a very good read...:)

  5. Visiting your blog after long long time.....This poem is brilliant....I can see the 'delusion' in this poem....and the picture was amazingly apt for this poem....Superb work Vaisakhi...enjoyed reading it!

    1. thanku so much valli....n sorry 4 such a late reply...:)

  6. sad but brilliant words :)

  7. Confusing yet stirring ! At least you can understand it..nothing like our syllabus :P

    See m finally here..though after long =/

    Take Care

    1. oo ya finally....thanku so much madam...:)...:P...btw glad u liked it n ya thank god its not like our sylbs...:P...