Wednesday, October 31, 2012

the spooky birthday...

dear blog,
               heyya....its 2 not 2 am or anything but ur 2nd birthday, a day before mine 21st...;). i know i neglected you a lot this year. But i was determined to make it up to you on your birthday. Unfortunately a witch and her brigade of devils tried really hard to keep me away from you. But here i am just like you have always been for me. last year i dedicated your birthday to all the new friends you gifted me but this year is just to thank you for tolerating the letter punctures i engrave on you and forget (kind of). And yes happy halloween too. 

Your's damaged yet loving
Vaisakhi Mishra

p.s. to all my friends who have been with me to celebrate the 2nd year of my u guys...thanku so much for helping me grow with words...appreciating my work...and teaching me wenever i was wrong. And i sincerely promise to be more sincere from now on and not neglect you guys n my dear blog...:)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Autumn's Love

Whimsical winds carry the auburn leaves,
To lay the path where Autumn treads;
Whirling and twirling- the unmatched grace
She paints the land in a reddish haze.

Her pirouettes enchant a lover’s world,
For she showers the maples wherever she goes.
Wandering and prancing like a gypsy doll
To meet her lover before another fall.

She sings to the cacophony of the chirpy birds,
Asks the scurrying animals, alas,
Just to know the whereabouts
Of winter, the love nature blessed her with.

A glance and a touch of winter’s fleet,
Who quaffs off the remaining warmth when they meet,
‘Cause they have to spend an year apart,
To kiss and rejoice in the tenderness again.

-Vaisakhi Mishra

p.s.- the word fleet here is used for the ride or strength of winter's arrival the cold chills and sudden change of climate.