Thursday, April 11, 2013

Its HIMTS and not HIMYM

Sunday 7TH APRIL, sun bathing train ride, bus ride and a bit of foot ride too all part of the story. Kids let me tell you the story of “HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER”…opps “HOW I MET THE SUN”. It all began the way I just told you –with travel. It’s a part but not the entire story, moving on…not very long time ago an amazing brand called Neutrogena arranged an Indibloggers meet in JW Marriott, Mumbai of which I was a part too. Now coming out of my Ted Mosby avatar I Vaisakhi Mishra *super excited* *tired from the sun’s steel white and yellow gaze” entered the amazing structure of Marriot’s to a sea of YELLOW…from the lobby to the drapes, from the officials to the host, from the umbrellas to the balls all I could see was yellow. Also some yellow ghosts, na they were white sporting the Neutrogena Fairness Face Mask

 Anyways I went inside the huge hall hunting for my old friends, the ones I had made in my first indi meet, but I was asked to register and write my name is a super cute cocktail umbrella *yellow* in colour. Been there, done that I rushed to the 2nd front table which was occupied by my group of 6 idiots but little did we know Mr. Anoop had plans of kicking us to different spots in fragments at the very start of the event. He made people abandon their group and select tables with people they don’t know, 2 girls and 2 boys atleast on a table, and the table that got set the earliest got beautiful USD hand bands. *not mine*

After their first blow picked from the “ice breaker 101” book was successfully implemented they picked the 2nd formula “the umbrella formula”. Remember each of us wrote our names is yellow cocktail umbrella’s , we picked one out of many and were made to find that person know them and wait for it…introduce them to everyone when their name popped on the indiblogger screen. Then something strange happened Neha D got her own name from the fish bowl, what are the odds??!!??...and got a wildcraft bag, if I m not mistaken, also yellow in colour. Apart from her I got Suranga Aunty’s umbrella, the oldest yet super cool blogger with two blogs, introduced her and got yellow ludacris headphones.*yippee*. The intros were nice informative and hilarious at the sametime. Intros – nailed it.

Post the the 2nd rule we were shuffled again as per rule 3, be in groups of holes – there were holes in the cocktail umbrellas…1, 2 3, 4, 5 and 6. Mine had two and two had 25 people in the crew. Then the “Sun”ny naming ceremony began and my crew was named “Sun Of Sardar” cause we had the munda from Punjab Ratandeep Dhody as the Captain. *Yay*. Once the groups were set we had to make anthems about sun and Neutrogena, afterall it was a sun block skin care themed meet. And lucky us we had Suranga Date and Amena Aziz twisted the sung suraj hua matham into the perfect anthem, and I got a chance to sing it SOLO. Result we won!!!...even though it was a tie with group 1 “Sunsunny” were were announced 1st so the wicked cunning smart side of me says We Won!!!...:P

And there started the group war. Indibloggers made us fight for pride in waterloo style using umbrellas and cannon balls.

Umbrellas Umbrellas Umbrellas with some holes
O what fun it is to hit your opponents with some balls

Logic was that sunscreens usually promising 100% protection from sun actually have holes in it or flaws in simple words because they are not effective against the UVA rays and that is where Neutrogena steps up. But logic or no logic the physical war of UV smiley balls was super entertaining. And the war was won by the Spartans “smallest but mightiest” group 6.

Post the fun dose was the food troll – troll cause we had to be actual trolls to eat so much. Veg and non veg – variety variety variety. Deserts – Jalebi, Rabri, Chocolate mousse, Cheese cake!!! And dan tea 10 flavours coffee 3, what to choose what no to choose. Having a stomach full and a heart half – for not being able to taste everything, we all went inside to get our sunny gyan with Neutrogena.

In came the charming, glowing, slim and cute Tara Sharma Saluja. She spoke about her show THE TARA SHARMA SHOW which is about parenting (she has 2 kids!!) and really nice *I saw some epis* and made us a fan of Neutrogena buy saying she uses it, and her skin – damn its actually healthy. She told her the 3 easy steps to perfect healthy skin is cleanse moisturize and protect (following diligently now). After her talk was the Q&A with her and also the youngest blogger of our group Ashwin Pathak (13 yrs old with a tech blog, believe it or not) got to unveil the hamper we all would get at the end of the event…

Post her appearance was the turn of derm…dermt…dermatologist (sorry for the Tara Sharma effect) whose session was an eye opener.

Facts now I know for sure:
1.       SPF does not guarantee the level of protection. Higher the SPF more protection – wrong notion.
2.       There are 6 types of skins depending on the melamine which is the main cause of skin shades.
3.       UVA cause tanning and most sunscreens are useless against it. Sure thing, thanx to the UV light effect demonstration.
4.       Sunscreens need to be reapplied every 2 hours and if we spet into swimming pools and beaches it’s every 45 minutes.
5.       Sunscreens can be used on kids above 3 yrs of age.

Anyways gyan session done and it was time to check the temperature of the twitter fever set by Indibloggers the previous night – the anything under the sun activity, for which I stayed up all night and tweeted like an owl like many other owls of my den, also came close to a win with my scuba diving tweet but guess horses always win. So it was Anushree who won the Nokia lumia 620 with her horse riding tweet. And last but not the least it was time for the insane monkey like crazy Harlem Shake session. And now we also have a Indibloggers Harlem shake video on youtube.

Suraj ke rays se na ho pyaar
But holed chattri’s ka ho attyachaar
Sun of Sardar
An appointment with sun ho jab tyaar
Karo Nuetrogena humara udhaar
Sun of Sardar
Jab ho maha Harlem shake tyaar
And indibloggers bhi ho yaar
Sun of Sardar…..
Sorry for pakao lines ka this prahar
But its indibuddies ka lots of pyaar
Sun of Sardar…

That is when we realized that the sun was almost gone and we had to return to our homes too. A quick photo parade here and there, some byes and hugs, some teases and tears, a shirt and a smile at the almost vanished sun with a great “Neutrogena Ultra Sheer hamper in my hand.
Kids that was a perfect day, and that was the day I met sun with a huge smile and lot of yellow....


  1. Wow! Loads of fun and what a poeam!!! :)

    1. a hell lot of fun..really...and thanx...for the visit...glad u liked the poem...:D

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