Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Clandestine Whispers

It’s crawling inside me somewhere,
Stealing the tranquility of my existence,
Singing with a dead voice
In the pitch dark of the night.

It loves me with a bondage flare
And somehow knows me inside out.
The church bell chimes like death to me
When it hisses like a hell born knight.

It’s quiet in some eerie corner here
Waiting to put me into sleep,
I never saw it coming near
But it’s already deep inside of me.

Freezing chill, its sadistic cheer
Breathing into my broken soul;
Not content, it craves for more
It’s her; wish she would set me free.

Sarcasm plays; her words like fire
Oh Guilt, why hold me so dear!
But I sailed triumphant through anguished dawns
Now she won’t let me rejoice or be alone.

-Vaisakhi Mishra


  1. Vaisakhi,,I loved your ode to guilt. Poignant snd yet so profound.

  2. i agree with @mynascence ... spellbound ..

  3. The emotions here stand true with the words ... loved it !!!

  4. as i said on fb it flowed like a river
    and the last lines i just cant stop reading them over and over again
    truly loved it :)

    1. thanku karan...and welcome to my blog..:D

  5. Hey, Hi
    i read it the day you posted, and read it again. read it a few more times...but could never leave a comment, only because, it was yet to sink in...

    It hurts, it pains...it feels like a burden it feels like chains...your words, made me feel all of it.

    Keep writing..


    1. :):):)....as usual...your comment made my day..:D

  6. This poem touched you. I read it on Facebook. Great writing!

  7. oh! to deal with alter-egos...another marvelous piece :)