Thursday, August 1, 2013

Forest Fires

Blazing demon guffaws at my petty existence,
As it roars to match the fervor of the winds.
A zephyr so cold, has been set on fire,
And floats, to my adobe, on acrid wings.
Spewing wrath, it swallows all the mocking fools –
The ones who laughed at my ground height talks;
But lost are they, with their haughty sight,
For now their ground is where Death walks.

I gaze at the night sky, now set ablaze,
As it lays the sepulcher of trees after trees.
Too numb to care, too scared to feel,
I just admire the beauty of the baleful beast.

The sun is coming, the fire all gone –
Shrouded in the ash of pride, I stand with some,
Left for worthlessness, to witness a sight

‘Cold fumes now rise from the pyre of my home.’

-Vaisakhi Mishra

p.s.-Image source google.


  1. Nice poem!
    I like the idea and like the execution - though I would suggest looking at the second stanza, it's the only one that I feel could do with either tweaking or a rewrite.

    1. thanx...:)...will see what i can do with the 2nd verse...thanx for ur feedback..

  2. Slightly sad and makes me a bit afraid...'pyre of my home'.
    Lines are strong to instil emotions. Good.

    1. it does have a sad undertone to it...but its more on the lines of hope and rising from the ash...glad u liked it...:)