Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Witness

Cuddling in the early winter chill
They sat there, arm in arm
Chatting away to their heart’s fill;
Stirring love in the breezy calm.

I stare at them for countless hours,
Listening to her whispers shy;
The twinkling eyes of that blushing flower,
Oblivious to my silent cry.

The moon prances in the starry show,
To observe an innocent damsel’s demise
As he pours an exquisite wine, so slow
And quaffs all love, for he is a devil in disguise.

Her demeanor mellow, her heart glowing red,
For love is her elixir and faith her friend.
But little does she know she will soon be dead,
As her ears get no word from my shouts till the end.

She choose a witty devil with the mask
Who seeks not love, but money for pride.
And had I the voice to tell her of his hidden flask,
He would’ve paid and she wouldn’t have died.

Her cold body now sleeps in my frozen lap,
All colours still warm but lifeless in sleep;
I am a witness remember treacherous chap,
With words of your crime in me, reverberating deep.

“He killed her! I know!” I screech and yell.
They don’t know I witnessed this heinous crime.
But what could a dead log possibly tell;

So they leave me like always - a Park bench for all time.

-Vaisakhi Mishra

PS- Image courtesy Google.


  1. A very beautifully woven poetry! Loved it! :) The suspense of the wooden bench was the icing on the cake!

    1. Thanku so much Bushra...:) the bench is the hero of the poem...:D glad u liked it...

  2. vaisakhi masterstroke! here I was almost imagining a woman shrieking and crying out but no that wasn't meant to be! Cool stuff!!


    1. Thanku Richa!...:D...the whole point was that one should know who the witness is till the very end...glad u liked it..:)

  3. well penned ....... and what a beautiful poetry .. :)

  4. Yes, park benches will have lots to share.
    Good one.

    1. Exactly Park Benches have so much to share....glad u liked it..:)

  5. very creative and well done! love these two lines although all are great but these two seemed to pop out to me 'Her demeanor mellow, her heart glowing red,
    For love is her elixir and faith her friend.' love it!

    1. Thanx Hope...and glad to see you after so many days...:)

  6. Absolute beauty in the poem..from the eyes of the park bench. Nice!