Friday, February 14, 2014

Just One More Time

It’s time - just one more touch
I hang in the balance, my memories blush
A word of love and kiss of life
To feel your radiant glow, just one more time

The adoring gaze of your brimming eyes
The mellow murmurs of your daring goodbyes
They sang to me all the lonely nights
And were my strength in these worldly fights

But hear me now ‘cause I am back for you
Our love’s as pure as the morning dew
And let no moment pass us by
For I am yours, beyond the years I die

I crave for the embrace of those frail arms
Those cease the storms of my mind to calms
But this tranquil love now waits for me   
I sit beside your grave waiting to lay here for eternity. 

P.S. In the bivouac of today's busy life we often forget to acknowledge how much someone means to us. Take a day out of your life, take a moment out of your day just to thank the people you love the most in the world. Don't wait for some right time to nudge you to speak of your love, do it then and there every time is the right time every moment is the moment to be remembered forever. And people Happy Valentine's Day!

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