Monday, September 15, 2014


Wisp of darkness looms around,
Stealing the dusk off the ground;
While lost in reminiscence of the day past by
She gazes aimlessly at the starless sky.

Fiddling with her old rusty locket,
Stretched she lies, on a verdant bed.
Alone she was from the very start
But least she wanted to be this world’s part.

The descant of people fading leaves her pondering deep,
While a surging familiar loneliness takes her by a sweep.
Yes: she walks, smiles and talks just like she always did,
But little by little, piece by piece she only faced defeats.

Strong and bold, but hollowing so;
Tranquility lost with every blatant blow.
Innocence of spirit to grow and fuse
But virtue lost in this disdain deluge.

All she wanted - to be one of them
A pawn she remained in this wicked game.
A dam of endurance now broken all,
Floods the smile of this porcelain doll.

She braces herself for a sleepless night
And witnesses the fading silver light;
Again she rides high on her daily lies
Orphan she was always, but now she cries.

-Vaisakhi Mishra

P.S. - Picture Courtesy - Google Baba


  1. Beautiful poem ... the last line sums up the pain so perfectly :-)

  2. Wow di I always heard you wrote beautifully finally realized myself too :) Awesome poem and pic too!

    And hey do read my latest blog post, maybe the girl in your poem will get some answers! :)

    1. Thanks dear. And i did read you post...she is drowning in lies, guess your post is her 'hold on to staff'! :)

  3. Brilliant..courtesy my sis using the lappy I finally read the poem! And I must say this is naice...after 7 sin vote goes for this one :)

    1. Yay!!! Seven sins level finally close by :D Thanks Fatima :)