Sunday, February 20, 2011


Stunned, she watches him leave.
Fire melts her down
As an airy knife
Cuts her heart into two
A half that loves
And a half that hates
She waits for revenge-

In the dark of night
In his fancy abode
She glides like light
With blood shot eyes
Holding her pernicious half-

Playing with the lights
Guiding the windy tides
In a playful star lite night
She plays with his trepidation
Riding, a chandelier-

At the strike of one
She lets out a scream
Collaging the moments
She had spent with him
She loosens the noose of the hang
And his heart is plunged!
She laughs like a vengeful rose.


P.S.-this is my 1st dark write ever....just wanted to give this genre a try...plz be frank n lemme know how it is...ur commnts will help me improve....:)


  1. saath khoon maaf se inspired hui hai kya ..dark love stories :P :P :P ...neway i loved it alot..... :) :)

  2. nyc,....good 2 c d raudra rass in u!!! :)

  3. I read, few of your posts and learnt few things, regarding poetry..pls visit my blog

  4. Hey, Hi
    well, i did read this post on the day you posted it, but somehow i wasnt in the mind frame of dropping a comment...
    If you have tried writng a dark post, let me say, yo have excelled in your effort...
    A beautiful narration...excellent.

    The Silhouette...

    p.s. - reading this has inspired me to write a dark post myself. :)

  5. @silhouette
    thanku thanku thanku.....a lot...glad u like it...n well m waitin 4 urs to come now...:)))

  6. Beautifully composed :)
    Loved the climax you made till end!
    Nice template :))

    Thanks for comment and following me :)
    Following you back now ...
    Take care..Lot's of love

  7. @simran thankx a ton 4 ur encouragin words.....:)

  8. cool!! i luv dark poems!!! u shuld try publishing ur poems...

  9. As have done a g8t job...keep going

  10. Hey,

    The flow of poem is very engaging ... it makes you keep on going till the end.... the emotion of hatred and still being in love ... wow that was done beautifully ... vry very nice ... I think reading your other posts too ..... u can for surely try your hand in other untouched genre too ... :)


  11. @ritz-thanx a ton 4 visitin ma blog....glad u like it....and for ur encouragin words....:)))))

  12. vaisakhi!!! tooo good..really loved this one :D

  13. Too good a 1st attempt... But u can improve... Instead of poem, write a dark story

  14. @shilpa-thanx dear..

    @rafaa-thanx a lot...i surely will try to improve...but cant say nethin abt story...narrative stuffs had never been my thing....

  15. Very nicely written Vaisakhi...:)
    Happy Blogging :)

  16. Wow..!! So touches the dark spot very deep..Such a beautiful potrayal of mixed emotions of love and hatred that usually accompany each other at times of betrayal..really well wriiten :) and so captivating..keep writing :)

  17. @dazzlingstar- welcome to my blog...nthanku so much...glad u liked it...:)...

    @valli-thanx dear....:)