Tuesday, April 12, 2011


On a pale spring morning-
Still clinging to the winter's chill;
Your wordless whisper creeps
Straight into my heart.
The words of faith silently resonate
In your eyes, while you gaze.
The sparkling smile on your face,
Ceases my flowing undesired tears.
The affection dancing in your eyes,
Rejuvenates my dying candle of hope.
Your presence alone strengthens my will,
Promising, things to be alright.
The care in your touch, lets me know,
You'll hold me if I ever stumble or fall.

Guarding me from melancholy's trap.
Shielding me from despair's bout;
Sharer of my grief,
Multiplier of my glee;
Protector, supporter, well wisher, savior;
Veiled behind a word called 'Friend',
You are- An Angel in my Life.


P.S.-this is dedicated to 4 girls who have been my best pals for 3 years now...they had helped me trusted me wen all my other frnds didnt...they saved me 4m depression....n they are one of the reasons i could study, get good % in 12th n get into engineerin...we dont meet much these days coz we r all in diffrnt colls....but wat they had done 4 me i can never forget...no matter wat happns in future...they ll all mean a lot to me....


  1. What a wonderful tribute to your friends.. WE all hopefully have friends like them and you!!


  2. yes, beautiful tribute! well written!

  3. Hey, Hi
    friends... :) well they surely are devilsh angels just for you. the ones only and only yours, unconditionally.
    and distance never breaks the bond...it does strenghten it...

    The Silhouette...

  4. A`well crafted and dreafted tribute to life's most precious thing,i.e.freinds.

  5. @jim-thanx....n surely even u have friends like mine....u just need to look carefully....;)

  6. @silhouette-'devilsh angels'!!1...hmmm....i just hope distncs do good 4 us...:)...ditchd by a frnd of ages ones....i m scard.......:)

  7. @HOPE 7 VIJUY- thanku so much.....:)

  8. wow that is so so so sweet for ur frnds. a lovely poem as a tribute :)

  9. Wow!!...Lovely lines....You defined what is friendship through this poem...I'm glad that you have very good friends who pulled you out from depression..:)
    Happy blogging!

  10. @some unspoken words and valli-thanku so much 4 ur lovely commnt...n truly m lucky i have frnd like them...

  11. A very beautiful tribute to friendship..and this feeling is just so awesome in itself..

    Every word was meant straight from the heart.. Beautiful!

  12. Very beautiful post. :)

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  13. @sunny &amp-thanku....btw i couldnt find the giveaway thing.....sorry...

  14. awwwwwwwww.................dis iz so sweet off u.....itz d best poem u've written til date...straight 4m d heart.....thnx....:D:D:D

  15. @apu-glad u liked it....mehnat safal...:)....n thanku so much 4 being 'AN ANGEL IN MY LYF'....:)..LOVE U...<3

  16. It's one the best poems I've read from you and too positive one...yep I do know how much importance those guys hold in your life!

    Indeed lucky to have such friends in your life....

    Take Care.

  17. @fatima-hehe...thanku so much dear....hmm no one would know better than u wat tat year was like...:)