Saturday, September 17, 2011


A trickster, a gambler, a thorough player and a vital whatsoever - MY HEART. I wish I could cut it out and put it in a chest far away like ‘The Pirates of the Caribbean.” And ‘MIND’ a 5 GHz trigger, amplifying everything the heart does. Ok but the point here is not that.
Since two days I was terribly upset about 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…….  I lost the count. God knows how many things. Everything I did, like Newton had said, seriously had an equal and opposite reaction. Almost every person I am close to gifted something that was forced into my sorrow vault. (Stupid me, being very close to people is so bad, I know…anyways) Everything I wanted to set right tumbled down and mocked at me for being a failure. There was only one thing I found solace in, in two days, and it had nothing to do with reality. It was imagination, rather an imaginative stuff.
Then I realized is it not always like that? Whenever things go wrong, or we are broken and upset, it’s not the real world that embraces us but something built by imagination that pacifies us, reminds us about our good things and creates a path through which we enter reality and normalcy, shedding the disturbed feelings on the way. It’s always imagination we run to for our rescue. But think it’s our heart that tricks us and makes us feel sad and at the same time it’s our heart that makes us imagine and be happy in the ‘wonderland’ (I don’t believe in ‘mind making us imagine’). Why is it that our heart defeats us in the game it plays but just before we surrender replenishes us to continue the game for long? And why is it that we always love imagination and fantasy compared to reality? Everything we need we want we are happy with has something to do with our imagination, why? Why can’t the real be as good as the reel?
I know these are stupid questions but well it just an attempt to build a bridge between the real world and wonder world. I have put one pillar but don’t know if the bridge will ever be built. Reality just never meets imagination!


  1. we imagine our wishes and dream for achievements. whereas we still strive hard in reality to overcome the favorable and unfavorable practicalities. really, reality and imagination when do not fall on the same line of occurence, confusion arises.

    well written, vaishakhi:))

  2. It's all inside your head Vaisakhi, you see the world as you want it to be. So, if you want reel and real to meet, so be it! Your world, your view.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  3. how real is the world we know as real? i wonder...reality and fantasy can meet...if you want it that way...:)

    nice thought provoking post...


  4. In imaginary world everything is achievable and it transcends you to moments of happiness. Reality is harsh at times but facing it, makes life easier...And, it's just a phase dear...Cheer up!!!

  5. Its d 'reality' of real world that makes us come back to it again and again!
    the imaginary stuff is momentary and illusionary..our realities may bring us pain but they also bring it with it wisdom and hope. Illusions bring nothing but a false relief which shatters to give us nothing at all!


  6. Care to share ?? May I know varsha what happened or what is happening...ok I know I made you walk so much and your upset..but doesn't mean you can't share yaar....I'm like super shocked reading this one....

    I just can't comment like a reader or what I made out of it..I'm asking as a everything alright...this is not the varsha I aise uljhone mein itni uljagiti hai...

    TC and you know I'm there..if you need me!

    P.S: Today I saw the card you gave me on my b'day in 12th...I was gonna msg you but thot let it be I'll tell her later !! Thanks for the words written in it coz they mean a lot to me!!

  7. @sub-hmm maybe real and real can meet but how often...all we want doesnt happen..:/...glad u thought this was thought provoking...:)

    @saru-hehe reality is very harsh at times...but well wen do we have option to shun the real and embrace fantasy 4ever.....n hey dont worry...i am all happy happy...:)

  8. @sarah-exactly...Its d 'reality' of real world that makes us come back to it again and again!.....imagination is a place created and nurtured by our thoughts...has to be perfect...but like u said its only momentary...huh...

  9. @fatima-omg u thought this was abt wat u did tat day??!!??....girl u know me well...i get upset but such things dont affect my u said i dont get uljhofied so easily...this was about so many things...i ve written everythin was goin wrong...i was upset 4 like the entire time(real) till i saw vd...sply the last part...wen stphn calls elena...n saw leap year...n tats wat made me happy(imagination)....

    i was upst coz of u...yes...but it was just a small thing...this write up had nothin to do wid u...:)

  10. Why can’t the real be as good as the reel? Really love this question!! Don't you think some people don't let themselves be happy??? Fantasy will always be better because we control it all, when we don't control everything it is hard for some of us. But the real can be so much better and we can still enjoy the satisfaction of the fantasy!!!

  11. @jim-hehe maybe...some people dont believe in the statemnt....real can be happy too....real can be better if we always see it wid a positive insight....n yes fantasy is always better coz we create it...:)