Tuesday, March 19, 2013

HelpAge India

O stick! Hold me for a little more time

They will be here soon

Breathing life into this withering body

Before another new moon

My sun will set any day now

But I promise to you my friend

You won’t be my lone companion

When I laugh once more, towards the end

My soul knows I’ve loved them always and

I know I’ve waited too long, you have been patient too

Just time has been barrier for some days

But they love me too, like you

Let my bones crumble in pain

But my will knows my son

Oh he lost his path back then

But he’ll come for me before I am gone.

-Vaisakhi Mishra

How many people live on with this mind set now days, all waiting for a family they gave up their life for? Some who have lost their only support system they nurtured for years, lost to life, lost to death, lost to "the new generation". HelpAge India is an NGO that works to supports help these people.

Make them a home away from the one they built.

Get them friends who are suffering like they are.

Not let them lose the hope to live life.

Not let them be alone in the last meander of their age.
We are humans and humans are social creatures. No one deserves to be alone when they reach the twilight of their life and specially not the people who have helped the new generation live a happy peaceful and luxurious life. They've taken care of us for long enough and now its our turn. And HelpAge India helps the people whose own blood has forgotten this very fact.

This is the official page of HelpAge India http://www.helpageindia.org/
If you loved your grand parents, loved to hear the stories they had for you, loved it when they made mud toys for you back when you visited your native village, you would surely give this site the NGO and their work a thought.

P.S.: written for the iDiya innitiative of indibloggers abd ISB http://www.isb.edu/idiya/