Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Mother's Prayer

This poem was written for IBL (Indian Bloggers League)organised by Write-Up Cafe. I represent Westerlies- Winds of Change, which is the West Zone side. This poem was selected as the best poem of West Zone and hence has been submitted for the final round.

The scent of orange blossoms dances, with you, in the air.
O my sweet, my light in despair
Your smile weaves my pleasant days
Your cry paints everything gray

The clatter of your playful self, innocence undefined,
The sweetness of your gentle words – Love purified.
I sing for Gods to shower bliss, of all that men claim;
‘Cause you symbolize a love so deep, it’s out of Aphrodite’s game.

Dancing on the rosy cloud of love she roams around
But little does she understand, of the strongest love on this ground.
A passion undying that rules the world, the love of a mother for a child
But all she sees is the love that sways, the shrewd two edged Knife.

A ray of hope, A lullaby of love,
That is all I sing to you, my dove;
A prayer to the Goddess of love,
To seek you a man
From the dreamy land,
Who sees the passion beyond the seas
And loves you more than if he were me.

-Vaisakhi Mishra