Tuesday, July 9, 2013


This poem was written for IBL (Indian Bloggers League)organised by Write-Up Cafe. I represent Westerlies- Winds of Change, which is the West Zone side. This poem was selected as one of the best entries under the given theme by West Zone and hence has been submitted for contention at national level.

Heat, shine, all piercing bright
Fires engulfing, my world alight;
A building a road a playful ground
All I can see is strewn ashes around.
It's all an ordeal I wake to now
My life is in shambles, I know not how.
What have I done, where have I come?
Lost! I stumble upon the ruins of my home

People say anger steals all the light
But wrath of a woman – how do I fight?
Not one or two, but seven slay me.
Suspiring pleasure, leads me to a peccadillo spree,
Buried is my existence under spiders of sins
Just not small, but like a tornado spins.

The Satan tempted and blurred my sight,
Like a fool I followed, oblivious to the awaiting plight.
A sepulcher I carved for all I held dear;
The new wine in a bottle old, was more than I could bear.
The heat, the shine, the glamour, the wine
Pulled me into the darkness that no one could define

A life that shimmered in the galore of pride
Is now in dust on the path millions have to stride.
All who abandoned their indulgence free life,
Family and friends with some haughty strife -
The millions who crashed into the abyss of loathing

And now, like me, all are reduced to nothing.

-Vaisakhi Mishra

P.S.:  the theme was--> There are 10 ingredients given below. Each team has to come up with 3 writeups (Short story or poem). Each writeup should contain any 3 of the total 10 ingredients available. Each of the ingredients should play an important role in the story. Please note the same ingredient cannot be used in more than one writeup.

1. An orphan
2. A building on fire
3. An old metal box
4. A wine bottle
5. A reclusive billionaire-vigilante
6. An angry woman
7. A Superhero
8. A dead tiger
9. A recurring memory
10. The final minute ( of my life )

I selected 

elements 2 - A building on fire, 4 - A Wine Bottle, 6 - An angry woman


  1. beautifully written all the best :)

  2. Epic one ... absolutely deserving post to be selected ... very best of luck ...

  3. .. and last we all reduce to nothing ..
    fabulously writing Vaisakhi !
    Wish you good luck for IBL!!