Sunday, July 21, 2013

Wave Of Despair

The chords of grief reverberating deep,
The rendition of sorrow, to which the Fates sway.
My frozen stone heart is now melancholy’s keep
As a wave of blue washed my life away.

The castle of memories is now ruins of past;
Home, a family, kins - now none remain.
A never fading gloom is now my sinking ship’s mast.
Austerity of nature left me under the unknown’s reign.

Pulverized future, all that breathes around is dark,
But it’s not just me; many have fallen in this trap.
Everywhere my eyes see the terror of death – stark!
Mocked are we now, by sympathy’s knife - edgy and sharp.

Like a phoenix from ash, I may rise again or may never;
But now on to the end, despair will be my pal forever.

- Vaisakhi Mishra

P.S. - The thought behind this poem was of 'a person who has lost everything in a tsunami.'


  1. loved the concept .. beautifully words weaved around it !

  2. Replies
    1. ya i know....cause had written this originally for ibl round 2 where the theme for poem was sorrow...:)

  3. Hey, Hi

    the first stanza sank my heart for sure...though as i continued reading i realized what the subject of inspiration was...
    nice...really nice write up.