Monday, July 29, 2013

Castle of Cards

The castle of cards standing all up straight,
Amidst the battle of four kings, so naïve.
Each with a wife uglier than the other,
But shrewd are the Jacks that turn the game over.

Wilting cards, all one by one,
Sacrificed for their masters’ sheer fun.
But only a winner and only one king
Shall reign the realm, like forever they sing.

The mighty kings niche their aces
Just in time to triumph the crusade, when -
The spade plunges deep in the heart, O Red!
The clubs crush pride of the diamond so dread.

The black air thickens with the crimson galore,
All serving them for to see the other fall,
But little do they see the imp sneaking in -
O the Joker, let the havoc begin!

The castle of cards, trying hard to stand -
Lining up in pyramids tall for their kings;
Just then the Joker slips down its position,
 The castle crumbles down and then there were none.

Vaisakhi Mishra

P.S. - Image source - google...:)


  1. You compiled these lines too perfect for me to post a comment . I really like this poetry . Thanks for sharing it with us.Looking forward for more.


  2. Ohhh so very well summed up....loved it :)

  3. this fusion of Viva La Vida and Carnival of Rust . . . :D

  4. I need to find a new word. Complement word look so hollow in front of your talent. Each time you make your readers fall like a pack of cards in awe of your poetry.

  5. I just have one shabd for this.. WOW!

  6. superb! need to invest more time on your blog. Lovely.