Sunday, April 27, 2014

Lady You're not a Man - Review

Book: Lady You're not a Man!
                                                               Author: Apurva Purohit
ISBN: 9788129129048
Pages: 184
Ratings: 3.5/5
Price: 195

Something from the Book
'I don’t think either morphing into a man or becoming a damsel in constant distress is the route to success today'

The book ‘Lady, you’re not a Man’ by Apurva Purohit was actually given to me by my office on Women’s Day and I am glad I got a chance to read this. Apurva Purohit is the CEO of Radio City 91.1 FM and the book is her insight on corporate bivouac and home life and the balance between the two. The book is divided in three parts - Accept, Adapt and Achieve with several chapters in every section with footnotes after each chapter and section. Chapters are short incidences of author’s life which I think every corporate women will surely relate to. The book is a perfect blend of comic sense and reality and in the end leaves you with a sure feel good thought.
I was going through my first Corporate Heat Phase this month and guess that is the reason I picked this book to read after a whole month of it decorating my book self. I am not a big fan of self help books but this book speaks of Work – Life balance in an unprejudiced manner and is humorous at the same time. There are times where the author makes you see husband as lazy TLT or bossy ones, to females being Sita or Geeta when time be in the work field. The book although is about females in work zone the author empathizes with male counterparts too; 3 days paternity leave – seriously?  Similarly she is blatant in stating facts about how females should not misuse the privileges given to them at work.
1.   To the T reflection of a corporate woman – Every working woman will enjoy and relate to this book.
2.  Writing style – Self help books tend to be boring and have redundant matter while the way this book is written it won’t let you doze off even for a minute. It is witty and humorous and makes you smile at a lot of places, made me smile for sure.
3.  Unbiased view - She advocates her thoughts strongly throughout the book, urging women to fight for their working rights & amenities. But at the same time she supports male counterparts. She shows us two sides of a coin of which only one side is visible to us always.
4.  Corporate Mantras  - The end of each section, the pointers were something I totally loved about the book.
1.   Work part is covered very well but same can’t be said about life.
2.  I still have so many issues and questions pertaining to corporate world, wish all of it was covered.
One of my managers had recently said – There is nothing called as work life balance it is just a gamble and your decision which one is more important to you when. You can’t excel in both at the same time but if we selectively excel in each, over all we would have won the battle at both ends. This book totally resonates with this thought. I would give this ‘candid excerpt of life’ a 3.5 on 5. It is a must for every working woman, working men would also get a much needed insight to their female colleagues’ issues. Not really a book for the others.