Sunday, May 4, 2014

Perfect Me or World

A form I see with the light of life
Running away from my approaching sight
The heat beats the will out of me
But the surreal frame pulls me like a dream

She looks familiar though I know not of her
She moves like a gazelle in the endless dirt
The sand shines; I close my eyes
There she is; I see her now, to my surprise –

She is but my own self
Battered and tired in my visions cave
And speaks to me in the voice my own
With a mock on the lips and a laugh long gone

I reached out to you in the ripples
Of the stream calm, but was crippled
I seeped in your dream to give you a clue
But the mystique night squandered all that was true

Now pay heed for I speak to you
Don’t let go of all that makes you - You
Be who you were and not a shadow self
Else a lost soul you will be with no one to help

Don’t make me your future, you are reality
Cause my voice will fall on deaf ears of vanity
Don’t give in to the devils or angels of this herd
Abandon the mirage of the perfect world!

-Vaisakhi Mishra

P.S. - Image Courtesy - Desert Wind Deviantart


  1. engulfing :).. how true was this Abandon the mirage of the perfect world!

    1. We just wish everything was perfect always but it is never gonna be so, unless we let go of that craving and stop trying to modifying ourselves to fit in the perfect world we will just suffer and lose ourselves in an attempt of chasing this dangling carrot named perfection :D Just a thought...:) Glad u liked it..

    2. indeed such a nice thought ! :)

  2. "you are reality" the pick of lines for me. A gentle suggestion, avoid reinstating something eg the mirror thing is evident three times in the first three paras. Sometimes it is good for making sure reader understand it but u have padhe likhe readers, you can leave blank spaces for reader to connect :)

    Good poem nonetheless :)

    1. Thank you so much GV. Agreed the thought became quite redundant, it could have been avoided but somehow I felt it was incomplete without the whole thing so kept it as a part of the poem, but will surely let the blank spaces intrigue the readers next time. Glad you liked it. :)