Sunday, May 25, 2014

First Rain

Poinciana has set the world ablaze
And tired are now, peacocks’ gaze
Waiting for the symphony of thundering days
And a dance in the fresh build puddle craze

A kiss of the awaited first rain
Against my dusty window pane;
Skies letting go of the mantle grey,
Transcending ruthless gleaming rays.

Rising tide and a splatter of life
A breath of earth, ignited by fiery strife
Nature’s spirits floating in the air,
Laden clouds on flower care.

Crumbling am I, in this scorching sunny clamor,
Holding on to thoughts of the cold shower.
These days will pass, so will the summer pain;
And drizzling eves will rule yet again!

-Vaisakhi Mishra

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  1. We must bear the sweet pain of summer cause it only makes the drizzle and enchanting evenings worthwhile.
    That was a really lovely composition :) Kudos !!!!

    1. True that...what is the fun if the rain is perennial or it is winter all round the year :)
      Glad you liked the poem :D Thanks :)

  2. i had to flip through dictionary for some words ! .. well written :)

    1. Ops....I try not to wake the sleeping dictionary but at times I just fail :P Anyways glad you liked it :)

  3. Oh wow! The rain has been a muse to me too, more times than one. I loved the use of powerful words.

    I'm Soumya BTW, we met at the Dove Indiblogger meet!! :)


    1. Hi Soumya!!! Thanku so much for visiting my blog! :D Guess rain has been everyone's muse someday :) Glad u like the poem :)

  4. Replies
    1. Lucky you! Ekhane bhisti pode waiting anxiously for rains!

    2. Ekhane aaj porlo ...but just 3 mins :-(

    3. Here too!!!! Been raining for 3 days now...:D...thoda thoda though...

  5. Great..!
    Can feel the drops... :)
    Nothing can make me happier than rain and thank you for putting me into the downpour...