Wednesday, January 5, 2011


relate to this musical piece

Winds flow with tinge of love
Sky is doomed with self alone
I stare and wait to be with you
And Hope rekindle in my soul-

Time flies with swift birds
Burning sun is off with dusk
My tears shimmer in twilight’s flare
Still Hope rekindle in my soul-

Whispering springs remind me of you
Memories of you touch me like dew
I greet the moon with my rising despair
But I let Hope rekindle in my soul.

You and I will be together again
Wallow in snow, sing in rain
Till then I’ll stay with my endless wait
And wait and wait, till when I can.



  1. I like your poem scheme. Very flowy.

  2. g8t work once again vaisakhi..keep it up

  3. Hey the poem is awesome...the best I've read so far !

    And I guess this is my last comment from this account as I'm deleting my account...2-3 times plagiarism in a row and now I'm scared of publishing my work on my blog..hence deleting it...

    Keep Writing,

  4. ur choice of words n d way u weave dem in2 a beutiful poetic form is really commendable.........gud job again........waitin 4 more.........:)

  5. Hey, Hi i mentioned in one of my previous comments, you are a serious writer, you give thought to what you write and try to complete has come out real beautifully...

    The Silhouette...

  6. p.s. there is something regarding this post that i needed to share, i couldnt find any email id mentioned here..posting it here would not be appropriate i believe...

    my id is

  7. thanku everyone

    @fatima-i know re....even i m scared so have decided to post only few ones over here now..

  8. @SILHOUETTE- I planned to drop 'S' realizin anothr way to emphasize....:)

  9. the word construction is perfect.. when i tried to sing it out, i could feel the words, feel the meaning... wid music, the poem sounds lyk magic!!

  10. Wonderful... Lovely... Rhythmic.. and the name of the poem in itself makes u feel like reading more of it !