Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dying Dream

The mellow eyes quietly sing
To a slowly dying ethereal dream,
To stay some more and breathe to her
And not let her fall back to a lonely wall.

A caged bright bird flaps to dance,
To splash the beady drops of love
That form and slip off the glass,
Of her darkened lonely walls.

A broken heart prays for love to come,
And be the key to her self closed room,
And dance for a while in a starry night,
And break the fence of the lonely walls.

The hopeful face calmly sleeps,
Hoping her dream would come real once
And lift her again in its arms of love
And make her leave the lonely walls.

-Vaisakhi Mishra

p.s.- prompt "the lonely" by christina perri....


  1. Hey, Hi..

    well, it certainly lives up to the prompt...nicely woven...


  2. It's heart warming Vaisakhi.. a pure treasure
    let her out of the lonely walls :)

    1. glad u liked it...n ya she is out of her lonely walls...coz she has hope wch is the key...:)

  3. U wrote it beautifully vaisakhi although dreams never die, forever they lie..maybe a part of someone Else's dream.
    and love will find a way, so keep patience and keep your heart open :)


    1. thanx...maybe dreams lie but they r real good to see gives u courage wen needed lets u speak ur heart out just to lift a burden they help...:)....n as far as love is concerned i m not even thinkin abt heart is a happy cheerful one enjoyin the freedom of singlehood dont worry...;)...:D

  4. I like this poem. Don't worry!
    I click good pictures of you, then you'll have lambi line ladko ki to choose from :D

    1. glad u like m badly waitin 4 my pics....n boys na baba i dont need ne line...koi real acha banda mile toh dekha jaega warna hum ghaas bhi nahi dalne wale....but pics...I NEED THEM...:D:D:D

  5. Lovely expressions ...
    thoughts and loneliness conquer the mind with assumptions...
    Keep writing! :)

  6. Beautiful thoughts.....Lovely poem and amazingly rhymed...<3

    I loved the last stanza of hope...