Thursday, March 17, 2011


Lofty high hills,
Pastures green,
Wide blue sky,
Beside a concealed spring-
Is a home for me standing still.

My heart runs there
To find ethereal peace;
That pours like rain-
Amidst sweet swift breeze,
Against a bamboo shield.

When my heart is hurt-
It calls me in,
Giving me company, I seek,
Of happy times, it sings
Full of dear memories.

Tired and broken, due to world around;
That's when it holds me tight.
Filling the gaps tearing me apart,
It shelters me with all its might;
Barricading the stupid pain.

The soft heat of a peeking sun;
The falling leaves of maple trees,
Remind me of my tiny abode
In the cool zephyr of Autumn's niche.
A place, I feel as wannabe.

Home of my childhood;
Home of my dreams.
With my mother waiting with open arms,
Its the prettiest home to me.


p.s.-for people who have to stay away from their actual home, their parents....maybe due to work studies or whatever reasons...."heaven where our close ones stay"....


  1. Hey, Hi
    what more apt a time to read this.... :(

    but the way you have penned it is good, nice...does bring back memories...

    The Silhouette...

  2. @silhouette-dont worry time will pass n u ll be back in mumbai wid ur close ones soon...:)...glad u liked it....n well this is finally not dark..:))

  3. Did you write this for me! :D
    Just came back to my home for a 3-4 days off from work, and this is the best I could read around this time now! :)

  4. @sourav-hehe nice...well u cant consider this one to be 4 u then...:)...glad u liked it...:).....n welcome to my blog...

  5. I liked this one ! Reading this poem, I'm transported back to our IV time...gosh you know what all happened there that at times I was missing home more than usual...felt like you wrote this poem whilst there only !!

    Nice read :)

    Take Care.

  6. Well I read the ps now...but hey it can suit anyone ain't it..and its a coincidence my new poem is also based on similar lines it's just the condition of people waiting for them back home :)

  7. @fatima- glad u liked it...n well ya it cane suit neone....but i got the idea by seeing our hostleites so....:)...n hey plz dont remind me of wat happnd in our iv...:P

  8. Really enjoyed reading this loved the last stanza
    Home of my childhood;
    Home of my dreams.
    With my mother waiting with open arms,
    Its the prettiest home to me.

    Started following you

  9. Lovely poem, Vaisakhi. Enjoyed reading this sensitive poem.

  10. @jim-:)....thanku so much....n welcome to my blog...:)

    @abhishek and sulekha- thanku 4 ur visit n read...glad u guys liked it...:)