Friday, March 11, 2011


Spiders of guilt scurried up my spine
And settled into my heart to feed upon me,

Reminding me of my trysts with Sin.

A life decorated with martinis and guns,

Regular treat of slit throats;

Surrounded by nymphets and sylphs,
Plunging hearts like delicacy.

Sybarite, I was, a lover of fun

Well-known bleak dire scallywag;

Red painted days and nights
Spent in nefarious court of Crime.

Pulverizing in austere gaze of Death,

Hallucinations of my abominable past-

Help the arachnids to delve insanely deep
Annihilating my repenting soul,
Guiding it to the doors of Hell.
- Vaisakhi Mishra


  1. Hey, Hi
    Too much of bloodshed!!! aahh...
    why so dark? hmm, anyways, a good one...

    the first stanza had a nice feel to it, it was beautifully sculpted, but after that it feels like a build up around the first one, as in a supporting lines type...when read individually, they are good, but together, theres a link missing...

    overall, nice...if possible, try to polish it a bit, would come up excellently well...

    The Silhouette...

  2. Terror Stricken !
    Nice efforts ..

  3. @silhouette- ya i know its too dark n a hell lot of blood filled thought...but then i had a prompt 4 this one...spiders of guilts n it had to be a prose poem...somethin not at all my type...but well i love exprmntin n some penned this down...surely would try polishin it..but dont know if i would be able to do its not easy to think tat ways again...:)....neways thanku 4 ur commnt n advice always love the way u criticlly analyse stuff...:)

  4. @simran- hope it didnt scare u much.....:P....thanku 4 ur commnt...:)

  5. As I said before its a dark poem yet a wonderful one...nice choice of words....
    and I won't write more as it is you know my views :)

    Take Care.

  6. @fatima.....:)....thanku....n ya i do know ur views..:P

  7. Brilliant stuff. Enjoyed the read.

  8. @jagdish bali-thanx n welcome to my blog...:)

  9. really a nice poem ...1st time read a dark poem like dis :)

  10. @rohan-thanx...hope no more of this sort come up...:P

  11. Woha..loved it like anything..the words are truly sinful :)

  12. @alcina-thanku so much........:)