Sunday, March 27, 2011


Ret mein phirti ungliyaan,
Bana bethi tasveer aapki.
Yaadon ke gulistaan mein,
Guum hua mann banwra.
          Mohabbat ki talash mein,
          Hue rubaru aapse.
          Waqt ki gardish mein,
          Dil ne suni aapki sada.
Tasavur ki zameen par,
Haseen aapka saya,
Ghulkar fiza ke aanchal mein
Khubsurat ek saza de gaya.
           Tanhai ke aalam mein
           Ishq ka ek khayal.
           Khushiyon ka raqueeb bhi,
           Khushi de gaya.


the approximate english translation...:)....

Fingers dancing on the sand,
Sketched you out somehow.
In wide valleys of memories,
I lost myself somehow.

In my quest of love,
It was you I found.
Lost in maze of time
I heard your heartbeat's sound.

In the world of dreams,
I saw your beautiful silhouette-
Dissolving in mystique air,
Gifting me a sweet pain.

Lost in my lonely zone;
A flicker thought of this strange love-
The enemy of glee too,
Gifts me happiness somehow!

p.s.- my 2nd attempt at hindi or rather urdu write....but couldnt get a good title for this one...plz gimme one if you can...n i may add more lines to this one too...:)


  1. Awe...I loved it! Seriously its nice
    and the title and the pic both are apt...

    where do you get ideas from girl ??
    the words used and I get what you were writing and asking me meaning yday late night :P

    Good read.....

    Take Care.

    P.S: Commented from another google account not blogger account :D

  2. @fatima-idea just popped out of nowhere to be frank...words...well i didnt use a dictionary this time i used u...P...thanku...n glad u loved it.:))

  3. Wow! Vaisakhi..I have read your hindi poem first time and I am amazed you write Awesome hindi poems too :)

    Ret mein phirti ungliyaan,
    Bana bethi tasveer aapki.
    Yaadon ke gulistaan mein,
    Guum hua mann banwra.

    Loved these lines :)
    Would like to see more hindi poems from your side ,Vaisakhi :)
    Take care

  4. @simran-thanku so much....glad u liked it...hindi somehow tires my brain...i drain all the words i know in one shot n m left wid nothin..:P...i suck at hindi speakin frankly...ask fatima abt it...but still will come up wid more...:)...thanku so much 4 ur encouraging words..:)

  5. Hey
    read your hindi poem first time and i can completely understand what you mean to say in the comment reciprocation to simran :P ..drained out of words lol..
    And the title is absolutely alright :)

    Nice work..keep it up :)

  6. @alcina-hehe ya "ran out of words"...glad u liked it...:))))

  7. Beautiful words bringing beautiful images!
    Regards, Mari

  8. wow........luvd both, d hindi as well as d english version of it.......gr8 going!!!!!!!!!!

  9. @apu and mari-thanku so much....:)