Monday, March 7, 2011


A King above; mean beasts below,
Trapped in between am I-
A life painted with shades of valour and love,
Torn between duty and desire.

Lying in a pit where
Sorrows pelt down on a stoic face,
Bloody foam of weary wars
Come whizzing through the air.

Remembering a face, with smiling lips,
Bright trembling eyes filled with faith.
Departest I, with thy grief on my cheek,
Heart wilting with fear of the fate I seek.

Sadistic me, dauntless in war-
I'm no cavalier worth you at all.
With plume of charge of the state,
I am just a protector with no lover's fate.

O Princess dear waste no bead of tear
For an animal of war, provider of Death.
Set your heart on a worthy soul;
For our love lies in a forbidden zone.

Remember O Love,
For I'm forced by luck
To dance on a double edged sword
Of Duty - so cold.



  1. wow...d unspoken words of the heart of the toughest man :)

  2. Liked that theme ..
    The thing I like in you is you always try to represent something new and different..!
    And that always fascinates me :)

    Liked it very much!

    Keep Writing Dear :)

  3. @shilpa-yes forced to hide all his feelings..sad...

    @simran-thnku dear...i seriously try not to be very repetitive in my work...i love tryin ew thing....n glad to know tat u like this...:)

  4. Hey nice to c a poem wid d medieval touch aftr so long [Read-thy thou]...good work

  5. @sruthi-hehe i know...feels new...neways thanku..:)

  6. Hey, Hi
    So few a times is it that we sing a story in is not one of your best, but the sincerity shows in your writing...nice effort, and a good outcome.

    The Silhouette..

  7. @silouette-welcome back to blog....hope u r settled at ur new residnc...n thanku so much 4 ur commnt...:)

  8. Very finely that you have marked the line of duty and love in this poem..
    nice work!

  9. @alcina-thanx a lot...n welcome to my blog....:)

  10. Ok I loved this poem... Seriously how do u get time to write so many poems n tht too good ones... Keep writing :)

  11. hehe @rafaa i m flaterd....thanx a lot 4 ur encouragin words...n well even i dont know wen n where i get time....;)

  12. Its a very good poem...finally got time to comment !
    Same question how do you write so beautiful poems...I toh don't feel like writing anything only..coz I write such sad stuff....

    Apart from that...its a nice one, try writing some on happy happy stuff apart from the darker ones :)

    Take Care.

  13. @fatima....thanku....n thankgod u got time....n surely tryin very hard 4 a happy one..but next one too is a dark one...:(....but i m wishin it to be good so...dont worry....:)

  14. hey sis good one ..i loved the concept par im not getting the 4 para ...uske words nahi samaj mei aa raha hai ...

  15. @rohan....thanx bro....dont worry i ll explain it to u paka paka....n thanku so much 4 ur commnt......:)